Showtime Speedway Turkey Trots 100

Twenty three modifieds qualifying currently.Sportsman and mod mini heats already in the books.Street Stock and Mini Stock features already completed. It looks like 8 sportsman set to go later for their feature. Eleven mod minis set to go later as well.Good crowd in the house.L.J.Grimm fastest in the mods.Josh Todd second fast.Looks like it will be a :waffen093:

The second caution fly’s at lap 40

Doug Moff spins between turns 3 and 4.Devin McLeod and Cody Stickler gapped the field at the onset with Stickler grabbing the lead on lap 8.Stickler still in front at lap 40,with McLeod second and Josh Todd has already dropped out ending his night.

Seventy laps in the book

Cody Stickler has been the man so far but hasn’t shook Devin McLeod. Lapped cars exit the track per race requirement.Eleven cars left for a 25 lap shootout.

Stickler gets the turkey neck

And wins by half a straightaway. Devin McLeod finishes second with L.J.Grimm third.

Sean Bass bests a field of eight cars

To take the Sportsman 25 lapper.Earl Beckner second,Tom Zimmerman third.

It was all Cody Stickler

Stickler was the class of the field. He has a slick new body that vaguely resembles a Studebaker Avanti–and that ain’t a bad thing.

He could pull Devin McCleod off every turn. McCleod would then catch up going into the following turn, but it wasn’t enough.

I suspected Cody was saving his tires, and after the mandatory restart @ lap 75, McCleod no longer caught him twice a lap, and he motored off.

The mods tend to look a little more like late models these days, hooked and single file.

Notable runs were made by Chad Pierce in the typically-new-smyrna-based orange 38 special, and Doug Miller in his freshly re-minted #53.

Wayne Jefferson was in the hunt, but really had nothing for Stickler or McCleod, and was placed in the rear late in the event for leaning on someone a little harder than they leaned on him. He charged from the back to finish fifth.

Josh Todd uncharacteristically lost a motor early.

Robert needs a new wireless mic, but nonetheless was entertaining as he was apparently channeling Gordon Solie for much of the evening.

Indeed old school

Nobody had anything for Cody.Devin got close enough to smell his exhaust a few times once they got into lapped traffic but that was it.It was a good turnout by the mods as 23 qualified and 24 actually started the race.Disappointing turn out from the sportsman as they fielded only eight starters. We got there a little late as the street stock feature was already underway and I just got into a seat as the last couple laps ran.I really didn’t catch who won that feature but I believe it was Robert Crisp.Good turnout in the stands too.Best crowd I have seen there since very early in the year.Yoho needs to repair those stadium seats in turn four though. You can actually rock whole rows of those things with one hand not to mention many seats are broken and the Florida weather cycles have wreaked havoc on the ones that aren’t broken.All in all it was good enough to get my holiday weekend race fix in.