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2016 Highlights
In no particular order…

This was the year that I finally won SOMETHING in a sprint: two heats and a Dash for Cash. No feature wins yet, but I did cross the line second one night. Who knows what lies ahead; I will keep on trying!

Scratch off a bucket list item: I went to Oswego Speedway for the Classic Weekend. Damn! Winged super-modifieds, NASCAR type mods, small block supers and a 200 lapper for Oswego’s own headline division, the wingless supers. Excellent racing, perfect weather and a heck of a unique experience at “the Steel Palace”.

I also made my second trip to spectate at the Little 500 sprint car race in Anderson Indiana. It was another excellent and very competitive race. 33 sprints on a quarter mile oval! One of the America’s best short track events, no doubt.

This was the first year for the Southern Sprintcar Shootout Series, and I was pleased to be a supporter. The year went off about as smooth as a races are ever conducted; well done SSSS team! I finished every feature that I started, and didn’t put a mark on the car…until the last night. That is when the push truck got me two times and mangled up the rear bumper.

After changes at home, moving, shared custody, etc… I finally got one of my sons back kart racing. It had been too long! He wants to race with the old man, so I bought a kart for myself too, and maybe my youngest will want to give it a try again in 2017.

I took my girl and one of my sons to the Daytona 500. Yes, the race put me to sleep (twice actually), but the experience at that tremendous facility should not be missed. Give Daytona a try! The Rolex 24 is always a great bet for tons of fun.

Overall, I had a blast, and WILL be back for more in 2017.


Who is next?

Started off the year at the Rolex, & will return in 2017. Cadillac will be there with a new sporty prototype I have dubbed the “Coupe de Bubble”.

Again worked hard with the 111 Team and shared in both the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” along the way.

Thanks again to Patrick Thomas and Jim Harris (Harris Oil, Mount Dora, ethanol free gasoline), and it was great working with the rest of the Team as well (y’all know who you are).

Am looking forward to getting back to the track soon!

ps–Boneman–good looking kid you got there, resembles his old man.

Spent 2017

Spent more time traveling than racing in 2016. Tried a little track for 2 races early, but treated so bad vowed not to return, and didn’t. Of all the races scheduled at NSS only 7 not rained out. Infield camping with friends at Daytona Speedway in February while flying the Stars and Bars high and proud over the RV. Going to see if my OWM will pass tech at Citrus in 2017.:dry: :rolleyes:

scale 1-10 1 being the worst . 10 being the best .

New Smyrna 6 rating be cause of the sportsman class. would have been lower with out them.

Desoto speedway 9 Ronnie did a great job .

show time 7 only went three times.

Auburndale speedway 7 too much follow the leader .

citrus speedway 5 cant see worth a dam sitting in the fan stands not worth more then 5.00 because of the view .

Orlando speedworld -0 no racing / or not enough . crasharama is dumb.

year end review shorttrackcar1 until next year So long from the sunshine state!!! .

2016 for me

Started off the year going to Bronson on New Years day and seeing one race before the rain came and they canceled.Two deaths in the middle of January in Ohio in the family put me on an unexpected road trip back north during cold weather (the one thing I’ve tried to avoid by living in Florida) and yet I couldn’t make it back during warm weather to attend the funeral for my old home track Columbus Motor Speedway. I finally got to Sebring once but once again didn’t get to the snoball derby.Went to Bubbas for the first time and got to one show at Citrus County and umpteen Desoto, Auburndale and Showtime races.East bay and Hendry County a couple times each but didn’t get back to New Smyrna this year.Still haven’t ever made it to Volusia, North Florida or All tech or anything in the panhandle. I want to start off 2017 without getting rained on at the first event I go to like I did this year.Bondman you keep on trying after all the cavaliers and cubs both won this year and that took a long time coming about too.

Watched a dozen or so dirt and asphalt races in Florida. Best was The Governors Cup!

Still doing my wine and cheese racing with Chumpcar. Ran Road Atlanta, Daytona and Sebring 14 hour enduro’s and finished them all! Headed to Sebring this morning to race a 10 hour race tomorrow! Yee haw!

My year in racing mirrored the activity on this board - some hot fits of excitement followed by some really long stretches of nothing.

Volusia and NSS speedweeks were the anchors - followed a few of the big SLM shows at NSS and VSPs big shows - some weekly shows but nothing really stood out. Missed the Gov Cup for the first time in years- hell maybe decades by being out of the country - wont happen again.

Nothing at Daytona - which i aim to change this year. Probably headed to the 24 again after a few year break.

I went to the spring race in Bristol. The beginning, middle and conclusion of my racing activities for the year.

If you gots to pick one race, that ain’t a bad choice.

I started the year at Desoto on 2/13 and ended it at Desoto 11-19! Most years in the last 34 at Desoto included 36 or 37 race dates but I taped 19 last year including 3 enduro type shows! Financially it was the worse I have had but I saw some good racing! Out of those 19 shows I had 5 minutes and 30 seconds of crashes and spins! Most years its been 30 minutes or more! I am of this week closing my Business and officially retiring! I will shoot a race here and there as I can but the every week stuff is done! As to the race I enjoyed the most was a Sportsman 100. I enjoy racing if its between 2 snails but that sportsman race stands out!