Tonight at 4-17 Speedway

It’s overcast the crowd is very light so far and I haven’t seen any cars on track yet.They just announced over the pa system there is a driver’s meeting scheduled at 6 pm so they won’t be starting at the scheduled start time so if you are thinking of coming out and your running a little late you have a little extra time to get here.

So far there has been one v8 bomber heat ran consisting of seven cars and one mod mini heat of three cars.Its light sprinkles going on but the racing goes on
The stands have filled significantly but the posted start time of 6 pm was in reality 6:45.Sportsman heat lining up now.

Eleven sportsman have just completed two heats with Bill Vandevender taking heat one and Sean Bass taking heat two.Tommy Kelley just took pro truck heat one in front of four other starters.Pro Truck heat two lining up.

Pat Mahoney takes Pro Truck heat two in front of four other starters.

Mike Wilson

Wins V8 Bombers winning in a field of six.

Mod Mini feature starts three cars

And Logan Allen wins.

Sportsman 25 starts 11 cars

Sean Bass wins.The sprinkles have turned heavy and the crowd is fleeing.

The sprinkles turned to rain

And the Pro Truck feature was scratched from tonight’s event. No word by the time I left if it will be made up on Saturday night or not.

we got there around 7pm and there was hardly any parking left, placed was packed nice turn out for a Friday night race, can’t believe how good the place looks, Joe and his group did a great job rebuilding the place, we’re racing go karts Sunday and our super on the 21st, can’t wait

The crowd eventually filled up nicely

We got there at 5 and by 6 it was still fairly light in the stands.It filled up pretty well after that though.They didn’t actually start racing (and there was no qualifying) until 6:45.The down side of this being the truck feature never ran last night because of the rain that moved in during the closing laps of the Sportsman feature. The place looks good,I think they have a serious need for more trash cans around the facility unless they want to go around sweeping up a lot of loose trash.The simulator was a nice touch and I would hope that considering the Gentry’s have went through the time and trouble to do the kart track and get the simulator that they would expand on the thought of making a racing theme park of sorts with maybe even a place for RC racing slot cars etc.Just expand it on out a bit for all stuff racing related. There really isn’t any place like that in Florida and should be thought about.

Who’s racing the kart Sean?


I believe Zero should be able to go to the Pay Window also. He is going to be the best for results. Thanks Zero . Dave41.

all of us-my grandson in a 2cly kids kart, Sean in medium clone, me in heavy clone, and Scott in super heavy clone, having fun learning the tricks of dirt go kart racing, they had 118 entries Sunday that’s more than most the stock car tracks are getting, we were there at 10am and didn’t get finished till around 8pm, and man was it cold

It could be cool

To see them put on a weekend show of karts,and try to get some micro sprints and mini wedges and have a race card strictly on the little dirt track.Maybe even combine that with one pavement race .