re: what happened on last lap in the zack donatti memorial

looks like a good one I missed,
what happened last lap there?
generally lap last passes are on target,
so if you get passed last lap, you come back next week and show em,
at least let the winner take the crew on after the race, one on one:) right?
cool pics though, thanks for great coverage!
happy new year, stokes can drive fast for sure

the 18 dumped the 33 in turn 3&4 then the 33 and his crew started a fight in victory lane. Its all a bunch BS that the tracks shouldn’t be putting up with.

I’m not sure you can get dumped on the last lap,
why not be ready for whatever comes at you,
5k to win, as we say lead follow or get out of the way,
racing is a contact sport, try badmitten instead:))

I watched it on low quality video and looked like 33 checked up drastically going into three around lapped car and 18 got into him. Again it wasn’t great video so I could be wrong here.

I will say I covered every race the 18 ran last year on his way to close to a dozen wins (pro and super) and don’t recall him dumping or moving anyone to get those wins and he had opportunities. Hell he and Augie Grill raced side by side, good hard racing, for close to a dozen laps at Montgomery last year to decide one of their Pro races.

I have not seen 33 race too much since he was in quarter midgets but the couple times I did see him, he can certainly drive and haven’t seen him drive anyone dirty in those races.

33 checked up in turn 3 to go around the outside of a lapped car and the 18 clearly used the opportunity to dumped him.I say that because there was distance between the 2,not like they were nose to tail.

Track security

WTF, I have no problem with a little one on one fistecufs after an incident like that occurred. But the five on one fight after that race was uncalled for. Where is the track security?? Casey is one bad ass dude and one hell of a driver, who admitted made a mistake and drove in to deep on last lap, and spun Carter. But does not deserve a 5 on one ass beating?? NSS needs better security, before someone gets killed… just my two cents

5 on 1 I hope the police was called and charges filed .

Yea, then Mike Skinner was bragging about it on twitter - what a tool. driver to driver is one thing - when you have to get your crew to fight for you - you are a puss. lost some respect for skinner on that one - didnt have a ton to start with - but his wife is nice and he was growing on me being a “local”

I was there, 33 car checked up because of a lap car. 18 drove in deep trying to get under the 33 for a shot at winning. 18 bumped the left rear corner and the 33 couldn’t save it. 18 wins.

Matter of fact I saw the 33 door check what seemed like half the field and got the 20 at least 4 times including under caution.

But, what I found most disgusting by the 33 team besides 5 guy beating and kicking one guy being held on the ground by the 33’s dad, was Jamie Skinner and crew yelling from the spotters tower at the flag man/ Race director f#%% you and you fat f%#* Rusty. There were a bunch of kids and families hearing this and turned around to see who was yelling like that.

New Smyrna Speedway/ NASCAR should be handing down a suspension. Even saw on NSS Facebook a man complaining about the behavior, which was in front of his grandson!

The whole incident didn’t make anyone involved look very good. I didn’t clearly see the last lap spin, but the brawl was sure front and center. Security was lacking, that’s for sure. Especially since whatever security there was had plenty of time to prepare, the driver had to run all the way from turn 4 to Victory Lane and everyone saw him coming.
Too bad because the race itself was good. Another great performance from Brad May.
Haven’t seen the results posted yet.

I saw a fan video and it looked like the classic situation: last lap plus a lapped car to deal with. I like Roderick a lot so I’m biased, I was pullin for him to make a last lap pass, but not to spin the guy. I was following the speed51 ticker.

But when you spin a RCR development driver I guess you should expect some stupidity. It would have been nice for Casey to have some help from his crew but I don’t even know if he has much of one. But those 5 punks need to be fined for sure.

I don’t know if the bought title has anything to do with it, but if Carter had a set he would admit he checked up with the lap car. The car is so fast during weekly shows he hasn’t had to really race with anyone at the end. The incident was just racing, the aftermath showed thier true character.

I’m a little bias too, one of there guys has been threatening to jump me at the track for two months now. Lol

Same ole story

Same ole story of bs happening at the track. A similar situation happened to us over a yr ago there with guys jumping on my car while I was in victory lane with my other car when the officials said they were watching my car to make sure they wouldn’t do anything but failed to prevent it, then had 3 of my trailer tires slashed by the same group when we were watching the rest of the races and the track knew who did it as several people seen it and still never suspended the people or anything. Place lets people do drugs while on the property and said it’s fine when it was brought up. I won’t take my kids anymore as I don’t feel like it’s a family place anymore by the idoits that are allowed to do what they want.

This type of thing has happened before and it is openly accepted at NSS. If you have money or your liked by the track you can do whatever you want. The track simple doesn’t care. I’m glad I’m out of racing.

18 did the same a number of times running cars up the track in the center of turns,we even predicted it again on one of the restarts…Was entertaining to see the 29 repay the favor…Its racing.:auto003:


Just read they (Carter stokes team) received 2 race suspension and 1000.00 fine. Not near enough in my opinion, but at least NSS did something! Maybe they felt they did not kick him hard enough in the face to warrant a bigger fine, and longer suspension? I am just glad he did not sustain a life changing injury, which could of happened easily. Vince P.

The person that kicked him in the head is a idiot!!! is it worth going to prison when you kill someone should be ban forever !!

1000$ fine and 2 race (april 1 and april 15) suspension? that penalty is a damn joke.


I agree, I actually think the fine should be paid to the driver that was kicked in the head, not the track. The tracks lack of security, past and present, is the problem. NSS, to many bad calls, on and off the track. Holding a guy down on the ground, and having other crew members kick him in the head, is more serious then the penalty due.

Just curious where does that thousand dollar fine go . what is it used for who gets it ?