Auberndale Sunday SLM 100.The sun is warm and mini cups are feature. running their

Adam Briggs

Joins the tail as a late arrival and wins mini cups in a field of six.

Scrambier three car feature won by ?

Super late qualifying now

Seventeen super lates qualify

And Billy Bigley Jr. sets fast time.Dutilly,Boyd,Fontaine,Atwell,Neri, and Bubba Pollard even in the field.

In a field of eleven

Seth Adams wins legends.

The super lates ran clean and green

For almost the first 80 laps.When the dust settled Dutilly wins from the pole Dylan Bigley second Jon Guy third.

Thank you for all the updates.

mini feature goes to

The # 5 of Chris Narramore sr. first in a field of ten starters.

and the v8 bomber winner is

The #56 of James Peters in the best race of the day.George Gorham Jr.

There was a 3 car mod mini race as the final race but I watched a couple laps and was gone so the winner of it was?

The v8 bomber feature

Was by far the best race of the day.James Wright and George Gorham swapped the lead (with a little bit of bumper tag) for about 5 laps towards the end of the 30 lap feature. Wright eventually won with Gorham right behind. A little after race conversation in car through turn two on the cool down lap to be followed by an on the track conversation in victory circle complete with finger pointing. In the end no real altercation except maybe some bruised feelings but really it was just good hard racing with nobody wrecking anybody and the pair still finishing one two.