Pavement racing in the midwest shrinks smaller

According to the Mansfield Ohio newspaper Spitzer Motor Speedway formerly known as Mansfield Motorsports Park is ripping out the pavement and switching back to a dirt track for the 2017 season.The track originally opened in the 1950s before converting from a 3/8 mile dirt to a 1/2 mile pavement track that has hosted the ARCA series as well as the NASCAR Truck Series since it converted to blacktop in the early 2000s.With the closing of Columbus Motor Speedway at the end of the 2016 season and Kill Kare Speedway in Xenia Ohio going dormant at the end of the 2014 season Ohio has lost one third of the states blacktop racetracks in barely over two years.

nothing new here

it’s not unusual at all anymore. baer field, fort wayne raceways are building an entirely new 1/4 mile dirt track, inside of their existing 3/8 mild asphalt track, which exist inside of the 52 year old historic 1/2 mile asphalt track. the project will wipe out the current 1/8 mile asphalt go-cart track, and all their infield lighting poles. an entirely new lighting system will be in place, with the old Columbus speedway scoring board, catch fencing, walls, and lights coming on board to this old baer field, fort wayne, Indiana speedway facility.

Across the state line in northwest IL you got ILiana that closed down as well. 1/2 mile.

You think with Columbus closing down Mansfield could have had a solid 2017 but I guess they would know better than me.

too bad it didn’t shrink larger…

Ok let me get a grasp

Are you hoping for it to die altogether or just up north?What goes on up there mirrors what’s happening in Florida so how about an explanation about just how much of it you want to see go away.