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Pro Truck and Sportsman 50’s this Sunday

Trucks and Sportsman

When is next race. And what track? Thanks:p

I need a little clarification

If the Pro Trucks race at Auburndale on Sunday are they still racing at 4-17 on Saturday night? What will be racing in Punta Gorda on Saturday night?

Also are the Sportsman racing at Desoto Saturday night and Auburndale Sunday too? Are both series races?

This double header was already announced on this board to be made up May 20. Non series truck race at 417 and non series sportsman at Desoto this weekend.


For clearing up my confusion.

No actually

What was posted was modified mini 50 and DAARA at Auburndale scheduled for this past Sunday rescheduled for 5/20

I posted it under wrong thing then. We got that show in thanks for making me look. the events on 1-22 were postponed until may 20