Rolex 24 finish

Yes, there are common threads that run through all racing. The Rolex 24 ended with some controversial fender banging. Proportionately, it was the same as a last corner incident in a short track 50 lapper. Wayne Taylor racing, with one of Wayne’s sons behind the wheel, “stuck it on in there” and sent the former leader spinning with seven minutes to go.

Intentional? I don’t think so. An aggessive pass for the win? You betcha.

My plans went haywire and I missed the 24 for the first time in years. Somehow the party went on without me; it is a wonderful and fun event. Short tracking would be so much healthier if they could capture some of the atmosphere found at Daytona during the 24!

Happened to be directly in front of the “incident” and had a clear view of the events.

The 10 had gotten completely under the 5 a few laps earlier and there was contact in the “dogleg” or quick right-left zig that follows the flat left hander off the bank into the infield.

I did not have a clear view of that initial impact, but it appeared that the 5 ran the 10 out of room.

The five then gained perhaps 15-20 lengths and the 10 had to run him down.

And then…again, heading off the bank into the flat left hander the 5 was protecting the bottom, but left just enough room for the 10 to “put it in there”–which he did with a quick stab of the throttle. What happened next was that the five either tried to cut down to protect the position, or was unaware that he was there and was heading for the apex. Either way, he got spun out as the 10 was the more hooked up of the two.

The 5 car did a good job of recovering, and came close to catching the 10, but ran out of time. I believe he hit him on the cool down lap.

Unlike the “pro” announcer’s opinion, the move that the winning car made was fine in my book.

“Short tracking would be so much healthier if they could capture some of the atmosphere found at Daytona during the 24!”–Bonez

Have been to many events at Daytona, and 53 (!) of the 24 hour events. The stands are now very upscale, with GM showcars and fancy sandwiches in the mall-like walkways throughout the levels of the grandstands. The folks in the stands have on Ferrari & Porsche jackets, and the ladies look expensive. It is a nice and good time.

That said, I would not trade it for the dust and the hot dogs and the grease and sweat of our short track pits.

In my opinion, the late race incident helped the 24 hour event more than the upscale thing could ever help our short tracks.

But hey, maybe we could get a ferris wheel to the World Series of Stock Car Racing?!

Upscale is one thing, but I was referring to:
crazy track-side camping
live music and shows
interactive displays
trophy girls, display cars (selfie ops)
multiple viewing vantage points
and yes, the expensive looking women are nice too.

We raced that Race weekend about 15 times.

[SIZE=“5”]We raced that Race weekend about 15 times. Five times for the 24 Hour an that’s the hardest race of the year. Sebring is rough but Daytona drains your brain and muscles for 24 hours (if you finished). The rest of the races we drove Gremlins,Spirits, Dodge Chargers, Ford Cortina’s and Formula Ford. If you haven’t taken one in it’s a Fan Friendly weekend! Had 10 hernia’s removed from my gut. Just got home Friday. I now have watched it three time!!! Living the DREAM!!! [/SIZE]

I like the Daytona road course and watched some of the race on Sunday. Awesome cars! I’m saving for a Caddy!

It was one of our bucket lists tracks but after racing there three years with Chumpcar, we’re dropping it off our schedule and replacing it with Watkins Glen or Road America!

Headed to Road Atlanta this Thursday for our yearly 14 hour race. Woo hoo!

I remember watching Bobby Diehl’s team compete in the 80’s. I always pulled for the small local teams. I dreamed of one day competing in the the 24 Hours of Daytona. I started the race for our privateer team in our first start in 2008, and trust me, I had tears in my eyes. I wouldn’t trade my experiences in this race for anything.

It’s really a no brainer to me.

We watched the replay multiple times and it’s here as well…

The 5 car took a wide entry and opened the door. The 10 car, knowing it was his one chance, filled the hole quickly. The 5 came down, likely not knowing that he was there and the rest is history.

It was nothing more than racing hard for the win in one of the biggest races in the world. It’s a split second decision you have to make in that situation. Most of us have been in similar positions and know how quickly you have to react there.

Only after contact was made, did Ricky lock up the front tires to avoid plowing into the 5 car after the contact upset the 10 car and caused it to lose grip as well.

Oh and OldSchool… Why didn’t you wan’t to come Karting with Garrity, Patrick and I? :anim_buttkick: We had a great time and the views at WingHouse were damn good too lol You really think I don’t like you bud? Cmon! I don’t dislike anyone! lol :cool008:


Have been fighting off a chest cough/cold/flu/pneumonia/whatever since freaking November, and knew that the weekend would be cold and miserable, which it was.

So I decided to pass on the Friday night deal. Trust me, it was a difficult decision. Told PT to let you guys know, but he apparently forgot.

No doubt, I felt bad about missing it. Not just to hang out, but, you know, I was getting thrown out of go cart tracks for “rough” driving since long before you was hatched.

First thought when the 5 was spinning-- “How did Phil get into 10 car?”.