New Smryna 2/11/17 fill-in-the-blank Recap

This is all I have:

>Brad May qualified on the pole for the Super Late Model event.

>Danny Frye returned with a sharp new Monte Carlo street stock

>Patrick Thomas wound up on the Pole for the Sportsman Feature and continued his winning ways with a strong run.

If you are in the know, please “fill in the blanks” for those that are not (myself included) regarding the remainder of the races and/or stories.

Come on O.S.

Tease us with just a minimum of Info. Did you fall asleep in the restroom? Or just get tied up in a really long line at the concession stand ( I hate when that happens) Not a word about even how many latemodels?I was curious who had more late models citrus or new Smyrna?

Had a long day.

Helped polish up the #111, enjoyed the victory, then headed for the house.

Hey, you know (a little) more than ya did.

9 late models- May set fast time, Keene started on the pole (four car invert). Keene led the first 60 or so laps, Choquette ran down May and then passed Keene for the lead. Believe the race was close to caution free. Left after the SLM feature so can’t speak to whatever happened after that.

Great crowd on hand. too bad the late model count was low. Turn one Stands are still not replaced, speakers didn’t work for awhile going towards turn four. All in all a typical night…

thanks for the info both of you

I was thinking of going to New Smyrna for the world series but if they haven’t replaced the turn one stands yet maybe I will head to Volusia or just go somewhere else.I don’t care for the backstretch view( or rather lack of it) from the main grandstands.

There are no grandstands south of the main grandstand.

They were/are the “highest” of the bunch, including the now-missing stands, I believe.

However, what this really means is that any seating will be at a premium for the Speedweeks nightly events, so if you are going, it may be wise to go a bit early.

Basically, My impression of last night was" Hey Fans, we really don’t care, we take you for granted…" Unfortunately, the folks next me, from the Northeast and with disposable income to come numerous nights and here for their first speedweeks, decided that other local tracks care more and won’t be back…

Easy things like seating and being able to hear what’s going on went lacking. Not to mention $20 bucks to see a handful of SLM’s follow each other for 100 laps of boring racing…

It was an unfortunately boring show in front of a huge crowd - sometimes that happens. Really thought there would be more SLMs and having Patrick on the front row almost ensured a snoozer there.

To steal a complaint from the Boneman - there were no soap dispensers in the bathroom - not empty - actually not there. Although, when i went back later i noticed one on the other side of the wall with the other sinks. No concession food last night for me…

They did say they were going to have seating in turn 1 for speedweeks and if you looked at the area, it was marked out for installation. So we will see. I love the place and it will continue on whether they have a big great show or a small one that is why they are bedrock that they are of Fl Racing.

I did notice some fancy new tie downs on the turn four grandstands though, so i guess a painful lesson was learned.

Speakers kicked in just prior racing if my memory serves - didnt know the national anthem was going until well into it!

And the insanity continues go 2017 .

What did the track do to attract such a large crowd? Was it a combination of perfect weather, and no local competition? Or did they advertise and do some leg-work? I hope it was the latter, SOMETHING certainly worked.

The missing grandstands did not affect anything, but yes the show was not up to what everyone expected. It wasn’t a bad show, but other nights have been more thrilling. It would benefit the show if the two-time national champ started somewhere other than the front row, but in fairness, he was just following the rules and took advantage of some good luck in the draw.

Speakers and soap: inexcusable. Get those speakers working because NSS has two excellent announcers who add a great deal to the show.

'Looking forward to the World Series!

My 2 cents

Citrus had more SLMs last night, but believe it or not, at NSS we had more cars. 41 to 36 on car count in 4 divisions. Everyone I spoke to had the same question, “where are all the cars?”. My mod race was as usual, money won. Great bunch of racers I race with though. Near wreck out of two when a car spun and I spun to miss him. Next race for me is Citrus in March.

If you left after the Late Models you missed some great racing! The Sportsman dash for cash ended with the leaders wrecking each other in turn 4 on the last lap. The Superstocks had a big wreck on lap 1 and then Bobby Holly and Mike Trocki put on a heck of a show for the race win (the super stocks never disappoint). And to wrap it all up 14 bombers put on an action packed thriller that ended with Matt Thornton getting his first career win! Hell the bomber race was worth the price of admission alone.

The car count for the supers was really disappointing and I doubt this race will be scheduled the week before the worldseries next year. There were a few issues but I’m glad they came up tonight so we can be sure they are 100% fixed for speedweeks. Anyway, it was an AWESOME crowd and the night got better as it went on. We are all working hard to make 2017 a great year at NSS! we appreciate your support and we will see you at the races.

the bomber class it? should be called run whatever you want class it is not a bomber class those cars would never be excepted at any other track that runs real bombers that actually have rules they follow . these cars don’t even weight the same so mixed matched class it"s a joke . this class doesn’t even have a weight limit . put a minimum weight limit to this class and lets see what happens then. take the heaviest car out there and make everybody weigh the same . but hey thanks for running them last so we can get out of there after the real racing is over .

Sorry you don’t like the class name or rules, not all “Street Stocks” are the same from track to track either. Regardless all the cars were legal and put on an exciting race. That’s all you can ask for from a for fun starter class.

Interesting thing about the Bomber class; it is one of the most forward looking things that NSS does. There has to be an inexpensive, entry-level division, and this one allows cars of all descriptions and designs.

Short tracking does not have to be built around antique V8’s. Sure they are welcome and needed, but the future will filled with FWD, injected cars or all descriptions. I can tell you first hand, after racing all kinds of bombers, that all racecars are fun.

Suggestion; get tech trained on computerized engine controls.

“The Sportsman dash for cash ended with the leaders wrecking each other in turn 4 on the last lap.”--Ryan

Can you tell that story, including your best guess at “cause” if you like?

51 had it won fair and square, but 9 got to him in turn 3, applied plenty of bumper and took both cars out of the money. Stevie Wonder could have seen that one.

Yup you could see it coming , the 9 car drove in way to hard in turn 3 and put the bumper to the 51. The 9 drove in so hard that he took out both both cars and Earl Becker wound up in victory lane. It will be in the highlight reel for sure.