Show Time here to stay


Great news & congrats to Robert.

“The road will run on the drag strip’s west side and will be more compact, with walls as buffers instead of dirt. Yoho said the speedway will lose some parking.”--from the article

If there is room for a road, it ain’t much. Wonder if the stands and flag and all that will be moving to the back stretch.

I am so glad to hear this. I hated to see us lose another asphalt short track. Thanks to Mr. Yoho and Senator Latvala for working together to save it!

Congrats ROBERT and your staff!!!

[SIZE=“5”]Congrats ROBERT and your staff!!! Now you can make plans for the future!!! I am sure its hard to secure sponsorship’s to support the Track. Go GET THUM MAN!!! We will be there to support the Track!!! “The Old Farts Touring Fan Group”!!! See you after I get back from my major surgery (it’s a real chest splitter). Will take 6 months to recovery. See you as quick as I can walk. Still have three more cat lives.[/SIZE]:natur008::wink:

Very glad to hear that news, it sure would have been a shame to see that track closed down a second time.

It’s always good to hear a track has escaped the bulldozers. I’m just wondering why it’s just now that it is been confirmed when Yoho said back in November that it was settled and the track would still be there.