Dutilly takes $2000 to win SLM feature at Citrus

Super Late Model Feature - 50 laps, $2000 to win

  1. 30 Jesse Dutilly - First CCS win
  2. 84 Wayne Anderson
  3. 7 Mike Bresnahan
  4. 7B Darryl Shelnut
  5. 85 Ricky Anderson
  6. 17 Mike Bell
  7. 47x Keith Zavrel
  8. 5 Eric Willis
  9. 22 David Klng
    10.78 Bubba Martone
  10. 4 Al Larson
  11. 82 Joe Winchell
  12. 33 Charles Saylor
  13. 5x William Fuller
  14. 51 Jacob White
  15. 9 Keith Roggen
    17 16 Patrick Mennenga

Street Stock Feature - 25 laps

  1. 32 Dillon Sivils - Rookie, First career racing win
  2. 51 Shannon Kennedy
  3. 58 Larry Welter, Jr.
  4. 82 Danny Maddox
  5. 98 Bubba Martone
  6. 69A Jonathan Appleby
  7. 52 Jared Stokes

Modified Mini Feature - 25 laps

  1. 55 Ron Williams - First career win
  2. 25 Tim Scalise
  3. 711 Wayne Heater
  4. 77 Kevin Knox

Pure Stock Feature - 25 laps

  1. 85 Larry Welter, Sr.
  2. 94 Sport Wilson
  3. 82 Steve Turner
  4. 64 Tricia Turner
  5. 112 Larry Welter, Jr.
  6. 14 Deric Sharrone
  7. 22 Mark Patterson

Mini Stock Feature - 25 laps

  1. 48 Jamie Brown
  2. 7x Shane Stevens

DQ - Kevin Grant, Jr.

Good show. Jesse needed six laps or so to get by the very wide car of Wayne Anderson. Bresnahan looked good, but not good enough to give them a run for their money.

Additionally, they elected to run the mini stock feature conventionally for half the race. Then they reversed the direction of the cars for the second half.

Interesting, but here is the deal: I typically sit somewhere behind the flag stand, but I just happened to arrive late and moved down closer to turn one. Not a bad perspective. BUT, their frontstretch wall ends (!) just past the stands and then has a perpendicular wall heading back towards the concession stand. Works great usually but these guys were headed right towards a flat concrete wall with a sharp point on the corner.

Still worse yet, the turn one wall is set back. That is, when running clockwise, if a car got into the turn one armco it would funnel them directly into the concrete bunker.

And it would be big, very big, if things went wrong. And then there was me, directly in line to absorb a nice chunk of shrapnel. I moved, but was the only one to do so, and thankfully, the event ran without incident.

Here is a little quote from an attorney’s website: “Under Florida Law, ‘Culpable Negligence’ is a serious criminal offense that may be classified as a misdemeanor or felony. Culpable negligence is a charge that assigns criminal liability for gross acts of negligence that expose others to harm or the threat of harm.”

That doesn’t sound so good…

In other news, for those that like them, they had three intermissions. One “regular”, one for a kid’s foot race, and then a third meet-and-greet for the late models.

Again, the racing was good, John Berti was very personable, and the chicken tenders basket was also very good.

Oh, and the scoring tower complete with lap times is cutting edge.

Make it on over there when ya can.

I agree Old School. Great SLM race. Wayne tried his best and kept it clean…

The fans always get a great show at the new Citrus County Speedway. It’s obvious that Jesse Dutilly can win at any short track in Florida, he and Bruce make an excellent team. It wasn’t easy though, Wayne Anderson is always tough to beat.
Thanks to all of the competitors in all the classes for putting on another terrific show at Citrus County Speedway. The fans are loving it.

Looks like counts in the other classes are WAY down… what gives?

Looks like most classes are down statewide. Certainly compared to the good old days. And fan counts at most tracks, other than Citrus County, are also way down. Hard to say why. Everyone has their opinion.That discussion has gone on for hundreds of threads on this site and many others.
But the good news is that some Florida tracks are turning things around. That means good racing is becoming readily available again.

ya think?

Showtime results lists 87 cars this last Sat night, and that did not include their headliner Sportsman division.

I figure it is either Yoho’s deep kindness or charisma, am not sure which.

Seriously, if the rules/tech environment at Citrus is friendly and consistent and the money is good, I anticipate their car count will rise.

I would recommend classes with less than six cars be run at the end of the evening, but I also respect the track’s right to do what they feel is best.

We’ll see where it all goes. Citrus County Speedway started from less than zero about 10 months ago and have done incredible things since then. Their fan count is consistently good, the car count is good and hopefully will increase to great. They have the premier short track facility right now, and they’re doing a lot of things to make racing better and more entertaining.
One thing i’ve noticed is that a lot of the other tracks have suddenly decided to follow the lead of Citrus and start marketing their tracks. That’s going to pay off for everyone.
Some racers have their favorite track and they’re not going to change. Others are looking for a better place to race. And some might decide that they’re tired of just watching the races at Citrus County and build themselves a race car. And that’s a big part of the Citrus County Speedway philosophy, building ( actually rebuilding ) their classes by bringing local racers out to the track.

The points season has not started at Citrus. First points race of the season is after the fair on April 8th. Track closed for the next 2 weeks for the annual fair. Should see a better count. BTW, it took 2 tries and practice nights, but my mod has passed their tech after some modifications. :aktion033:

Ocalasp–I figured you would have to pull the blower off that thing.

Seriously, I think that track will be a good match for your car when you get it dialed in.