Just watch the video

Just watched the video that KARNAC has on top from Sunshine Speedway. Can’t believe it was almost 30 years ago. That was when late model drivers were stars in their own backyard track so to speak. Not afraid to run heat races, start someplace other then the front. Pack stands. Now even if there is a late model race somewhere no way will that many people show up. Too bad.

It’s great to see those old films. Reminds us of how good the drivers like Jimmy Cope really were. And probably still are. Pletcher still races. And good to See Pat Nanney in action in the Dodge. Sunshine sure used to pack the cars and drivers in.

Agreed! That was my point in another recent thread. Locals with $8k cars packing the house vs today’s $30 cars with people wanting tracks working together for traveling series.