Showtime 50 lap latemodel

Yoho said twenty one lates in the pit area.Joe Winchell broke so twenty to qualify later.Pro Trucks go 25 laps tonight.

Chad Cushing in his #86 neon outruns five other starters to win the Strictly Stock Feature

Beca Monopoli cruises to the winners check in the Pro Truck 25 ahead of Kristen Clements and six other starters.

Mini and Street Stocks (also known as the showtime gm antique division) heats are in the bag and there is about eighteen of each that will run features later.Intermission. Smoke em if you got em.

Buzz Amspaugh takes the old gm division 25 ahead of seventeen other cars.

Nineteen Superlates qualify. Devin McLeod fast time Chris Fontaine second Patrick Staropoli third fastest George Gorham Jr fourth Scott Grossenbacher fifth.

Things got a little crazy in the second half of the Super late feature particularly in the last ten laps which saw the third turn corner man running for his life to get out of the way of a sliding Raymond Lovelady.In the end Chris Fontaine takes home the winners cut from a lap 47 restart ahead of George Gorham Jr and Becca Monopoli.Gorham did the on track interview greeted by a round of boos.Devin McLeod referred to Fontaines win as a “guy who may have more money than god but money can’t buy talent”. That was well received by the crowd.Eight cars finished,nineteen started.

The #82 Hart car wins the sixteen car mini stock feature.

The Street Stock figure eight feature goes to the #94 of Darrell Haige to end the night.Eight cars started.

Why were Gorham & Fontaine so popular…?

Actually I don’t know why it came out that way in that post.To clear things up Chris Fontaine was who received a loud chorus of boos not Gorham

There was a lot of paint swapping throughout the super late feature really all the way back through the field.IMO nothing that was super excessive but obviously enough to get some strong post race reaction both from the stands and Devin
I’ve seen a lot worse but it ended with a lot of torn up racecars and a lot of dnf’s.