Lakeland International

Is there anything to the facebook report of Lakeland 3/4 mile reopening

At the end of the story it says it is a prank story

Sadly, there’s nothing left there to reopen. That might still be a good location to build a race track if the zoning hasn’t changed.

Maybe they can run a triple crown with Hialeah and Palm Beach?

i dont know

i don’t know what the reference is, but the lakeland facility is currently a green meadow of grass, for sale, awaiting a buyer— almost like the old jax raceway is now, on pecan park road, for sale, awaiting a buyer, another green meadow of grass. they don’t exist anymore.

Went on Google Maps and there is Grass and Small Trees if you look close you can see the outline of the old track.

:auto003: Can’t make Lakeland, as I will be at Orlando Speedway on Friday night and Golden Gate Saturday night. :auto003:

They just recently built a big warehouse on the property and in the front is a big retention pond. USA international speedway is gone forever