A guy walks into a bar full of racecar drivers and says

That he wants to put on a twenty lap race for winged sprints on a dirt track and he will pay the winner a whole $600!!! How many takers did he have?

A question: How many drunk sprint car owners are in the bar?

Methinks the drivers are not the best to ask…

well old school

The obvious answer to that question is all of them.But now I still need an answer to the original question.


only had 1 winner


the answer is in your screen name…and I don’t mean the “for” part.

I’m guessing 15 – on the dry-slickest surface I’ve seen in a while.

Right on the money.Sounds like you spent Monday at East bay also.Amazing. Could you even get a half dozen blacktop guys to unload for 600 bucks?

Why East Bay even put that $600 payout info in the ad on its website is beyond me. When I announced for NAMARS, the old minor-league-USAC series, the owner, Jack, would get mad at me when I’d tell the crowd that the racers were running for $2,000 to win at some of our races, thinking that made us sound cheap. And that was 20 years ago. I’ve been saying I’d like to see a really cost-effective 305 sprint series in Florida, but I’m realizing now there’s no point, when guys now will run for street stock purses.

I was at an Import Drag Race event a while back, and just for the hell of it asked some of the racers what the payouts were. Not one of the racers i asked really knew for sure what the payouts were, they were only interested in going fast. I imagine that the Sprint Car racers that Zero posted about felt the same way, they were just happy for the chance to go fast.

Of course that doesn’t mean payouts are where they should be for any type of local racing. The situation is what it is for a variety of reasons, and those have been discussed endlessly on this and other forums.
Way too many rules or not strict enough rules.
Not nearly enough local and national ad buys for tracks, but very few tracks can or want to invest in quality people to go out and get ad money.
Far too little advertising in local media to get fans in the stands, but many tracks don’t have the people to work with local media and often don’t want to, or can’t invest the money in local media advertising.
And the list goes on.

305 motor rule is a joke, those guys are spending as much or more than the top gun guys. We don’t need another motor, Sprint Car racing on dirt might be in a little bit of a lull in fla right now but expecting guys to buy another motor is going to help how?

305’s weren’t a bad idea 25 years ago when GM made like the 305 was it from now on and the heads were closer to stock and they ran little wings and it was a budget series. They aren’t that now.

I know, I was talking to a guy in Texas running a 305 and everything he had on the car, chassis, engine, wheels, wing, everything, was brand-new. That was never the idea of the 305 series… it was taking outdated chassis, cheap, hard tires, and a real 305 motor, at a price point where guys who can’t afford 360s can run. I think you could still write the rules to where that would work. But you are right, there’s no room in Florida for that, not when you got 15 guys towing to the track on a Monday night for $600 to win.

New sprint RaceSaver 305 engines run 12-20 thousand dollars. You can buy a complete ready to run “crate” version for $12,500. That’s stupid, but it is cheap relative to the alternative. When a top level 410 or 360 are both up in the 40k range, 15 grand is cheap.

I’ve worked with a eng. builder in the Midwest that does a lot of motors for sprints up that way for a series running LS’s. LS motors are cheap & lite plus
make good power for the $.
We ran 305’s back in the 80’s & 90’s road racing but now that would be very

Note: I don’t run sprints but like all types of racing.

We ran 305’s back in the 80’s & 90’s road racing [/QUOTE]
So did the local sprints in the 80’s…