Results NSS Satuday Night

Anyone know if NSS Twin 50 Sportsman rained out?

Sean bass won both 50 lappers. Rogers took the SLM. Dont recall the rest.

Modified won by #1 Wayne Parker in a 6 car field.

NSS Sportsman Race

The #44 of Mathew Green appeared to have the first race won before a caution came out with only two laps to go. I was told that he missed a shift on the restart giving up the position to Bass but he definitely looks like he’s going to be a regular contender in the class. There was a ten car inversion for the second race and Bass wasted no time moving to the front after a short battle with the black #51 car which ended up finishing second also with a good showing. I believe that both cars (the 51 and 44) were out of the Chad Pierce Motorsports stables. All in all was a great night of racing with only a few cars getting tangled up throughout all 100 laps.

Top 3 pending tech still in sportsman.

Correct Phil results are currently “unofficial” until top 3 get torn down. Over 35 Sportsman cars in the pits, made for an amazing night.

This isnt a criticism, more of a logistical question - how do you do tech this late after a race? Are the cars impounded?

My understanding is cars were impounded and waiting for Ricky Brooks to return from Mid Ohio. Should put an end to any “Cheating” rumors…

Hearing All Clear

Kim just posted on Facebook that top three found legal after teardown.:wink:

I just visited the Speedway Facebook page.They had a short video recap posted on YouTube. Looked to be a damn fine field of Sportsman.Looked like ten or eleven super late with a close finish.Unfortunately still no results posted anywhere I can find.Looked like it was a good one though.

results should be posted today or tomorrow.

yea thinking back wasn’t but a few years ago I remember the sportsman class at osw and new Smyrna averaged 4/6 cars . then the crate engine started being run and everybody was up in arms horrible ideal !!! WELL how do you like em now??? now that they are on there way do you still think there crazy running them crates today? HOW DO YOU LIKE EM NOW!!! the biggest and best car count in Florida FACT !! sportsman class now bring back the E-MOD class. crate motor only . read the writing on the wall.