hurricaine Irma

I can only hope ALL tracks in Fla. Ga. and S. Carolina will cancel this weeks racing program. While you may not experience weather issues the impact of traffic on all main roads coupled with a diminishing gas supply it is asking too muchof fans and compeitors to dal with.

God bless all, sincerely hope you and yours are all safe!


prayers to God thru Jesus will see us thru it. safe to All

Prayers indeed, and plenty of them all around.

There will be some that are directly impacted by the storm, and many more whose homes will be damaged.

Even driving north and then back south through stopped traffic will be challenging, as is being stuck “hunkered down” waiting it out.

And while I am at it I am asking for the safekeeping of Showtime and Citrus County Speedways.

I hear tell that God appreciates all requests…