Sad News from New England

Sadly I make this post to report the passing of a legend…

TC passed away today after a plane crash in CT.

Love him or hate him, he was one of the greatest ever.

RIP Teddy Christopher

I knew him mainly from his world series exploits in the 00. Dude was a legend and a badass out there. He was always a contender in every race he was in. Was always somebody I looked forward to watching race. Not many like him left.


Watched him race every year at New Smyrna, and i read about his many wins in the Northeast the rest of every year. He was one of the biggest talents of all time in the mods.

Very sad news, he will be missed. Dude was a legendary driver.

Hard to believe that this past April will be the last time I see him. I flew up for the Stafford Spring Sizzler this year and had a brief chat/pic with him during the pit party.

I told him we missed him in New Smyrna and asked when he’d be back, he told me he’d be back this year for one last time. Now that’s never going to happen :-(. I was also intrigued why it was going to be his last Speedweek, maybe he was considering hanging up his boots soon?