Looks like it could be a good one at A-Dale tonight

They just announced twenty super lates in the pit area.I walked in during Legend qualifying and it looks like they have around 15 or so of them also.

Apparently the star spangled banner has turned into a country song tonight.Oops

George Gorham Jr. wins the V8 bomber feature by a few inches in a clean and green feature.

Colin Allman fastest,Goddard,Neri,Sergi,Atwell fastest five qualifiers.Cody Martell debuting a new Superlate tonight as well as Becca Monopoli in a new ride purchased from Steve Dorer.

Chris Narramore Sr.wins a snoozer in mini stocks. Only a seven car field.

Brandon Duescherer is in a second Gorham car tonight.Dylan Bigley is piloting his dads car tonight and LJ Grimm is in Daniel Webster’s #33 tonight.Cars have fired ready to go 150 laps.

Anthony Sergi wins the Gobbler 150.Good run for him long overdue.The car was a rocket tonight.Colin Allman second,Dutilly 3rd.

That was a pretty good one. The 20 SLM car count was solid, and so was the level of competitors. Not a single car left on the back of a wrecker, so that is always good too.

I just visited Auburndales Facebook page

Evidently Sergi must have been dq’d in post race tech.They have Collin Allman listed as the winner with Sergi dead last on the field.No story or explanation so far.