Auburndale Gobbler 150 DQ?

Visiting A-Dales Facebook page tonight with results from Saturday night.Lists Colin Allman as the Superlate winner with Sergi dead last on the field. No story or explanation so ???

The only story is Rex guy is a joke

Sergi was DQ in tech for an illegal valance panel on the nose cause someone protested his win, stupid IMO

The protesting car didn’t finish the race (according to someone on Facebook). If that is true, I certainly hope that protest rule will be changed. Protests are fine, but it needs to come from someone who was competitive, and still around at the end of the race.

Wow, they kept the nose secret until after the race?!

My brother facebooks with Sergi.This is third hand info I’m passing on mind you.But the protest came from a front running car that didn’t finish.He told me who but since it’s third hand info I don’t want to pass along the name.But Old School you echo my own thoughts on the subject.

If the valance panel was the reason for the DQ based on the ABC body rules everyone would be illegal, not sure if there is more to what happened, I got my info from facebook as well so I could be wrong in what I thought I read

The only thing that is apparent to me from the photos posted online is there doesn’t appear to be an air dam on the front of Sergi’s car.I don’t know if this was what got him dq’d or not but it is the only obvious thing I get from the posted photos.

Well I guess the ABC body rules state no alterations to the nose, we all attach a valance panel on the the bottom and reinforce the back with angle aluminum & braces, based on the rule everyone is illegal, so why was Sergi DQ? Anyone really know?


From what I was told by his crew is they had one valance on top of the old one that was wore down so basically just stacked on top even tho it still meet the rules from abc on dimensions the rule states “A” valance may be added so Rex said that means 1 valance total. Didn’t change a thing on the car or added performance gains just typical out of the hat BS that these local tracks pull on ppl after spending $1000s of dollars to race

Back when I was getting book learning in a lit class I learnt about the “three Cs”.

Be [SIZE=“4”]C[/SIZE]lear, Be [SIZE=“4”]C[/SIZE]oncise (that is, to the point), and be [SIZE=“4”]C[/SIZE]onsistent.

Seems like rules should be like that.


if the money was put up ,you only look at the protest. rule book say it. is it right or is it wrong. case closed.

I agree, but there has to be some common sense also. Years ago at the Governors Cup, a guy that finished 3rd with a totaled car from 2 wrecks was DQ for the front being an 1/8 inch to low, the front was destroyed.

Common sense has never reigned over race tracks unfortunately.I have no first hand knowledge of the situation but I will say this.IF it is true that the protest was put up by who I heard it was,then something needs re-evaluated.Yes I was told it was a front running car but the car didn’t finish.I really believe a protest should only be lodged by a finishing car not someone parked in the pit area at races end.

Sergi Win Reinstated !!!

While searching the SSCS site for the results of Saturdays Street Stock and Mod finals at 417, I ran across a posted letter from Ricky Brooks, stating that he was giving the 11/25 A’Dale victory back to #20 Sergi along with all that goes along with such. A very nice letter of explanation was posted at 1:27 yesterday 12/6/17 to their facebook page for those who would like to read the entire explanation. Really great to see someone step up to the plate as Mr. Brooks has in this case. Way to go SSCS…

If so

It is to be commended.It’s not easy winning an appeal.Maybe even harder than winning on the track.Either way it was a deserved win for Sergi.