417 Speedway - Sat 12-2-17 Packed House- Wow !!!

Finally made a trip to 417 after a long time away. The Gentry’s are doing a fine job of rebuilding this track. Packed house saw some very good racing action. Car fields were small but the racing really good. Winged Sprints had 14, SSCS Streets had 12, SSCS mods had 10, Legends showed with 6 and the TQ midgets had 7. Just wish the lighting would improve as the track was quite dark in some areas. Sprints saw #22 Gilbertson take the 40 lap victory only to be dq’d giving the win to #88 Sport Allen. Carly Yent took over the Ingram #59x for the night and put on a pretty good show as she spun on the first lap, went to the rear and battled her way up to 5th (I guess 4th now) Don’t know of any other dq’s so I now show Adema #67 second, Kempgems #5 was 3rd, as mentioned Yent now 4th, and Nichols #55 5th. Pretty good race. SSCS Street Stock was perhaps the best race of the night with #23 Kenny Gibson winning after a race long battle with Ander Jackson and others. Jackson came back from a flat tire to finish 2nd. Ricky Fuller Jr #17 took 3rd. Mods went to #71 Skaggs followed by #19 Arnold and Allen Jr in the #9. TQ’s went to #11 Wilkins. Results unofficial. All in all the fans saw some very good Southern style racing at 417. BTW the new bleachers are fantastic and the place looks great. We sat lawn chair style in turn 4. Good night at the track and will return at some point. Had to leave before the Legend feature so no news there. Maybe 1/20/18 when the Sprints hit town again. See ya at the races !!!

Re 417

Thanks for posting some results , hope to go to january race, been a few years for me.

Thanks for posting the recap. I was there last weekend for the 200 lap Sportsman race. The place looks great and the staff very friendly. I just wish they would post the results on their website or on here. For some reason they aren?t posting them.

Thanks for the results… 417 never posts anything but videos on their Facebook page and the web site is a joke - no updates in over a month… Thanks!