BG Products Southern Sprint Car Results-417 Speedway Dec 2

December 2, 2017

417 Southern Speedway

Pos Car # Driver
1 88 Sport Allen
2 67 Scotty Adema
3 5 Mickey Kempgens
4 59x Carlie Yent
5 85 Rex Hollinger
6 J1 Michael Tharp
7 44 Gary Wiggins
8 55 Tommy Nichols
9 15 Troy Thompson
10 5s Brian Gingras
11 22x Anthony D’Alessio
12 22 Johnny Gilbertson
13 3 Travis Bliemeister
14 00 Ernie Teed

Heat #1

  1. 67 Scotty Adema
  2. 59x Carlie Yent
  3. 5s Brian Gingras
  4. 55 Tommy Nichols
  5. 15 Troy Thompson
  6. 3 Travis Bliemeister
  7. 00 Ernie Teed

Heat # 2

  1. 88 Sport Allen
  2. 22 Johnny Gilbertson
  3. 5 Mickey Kempgens
  4. 85 Rex Hollinger
  5. J1 Michael Tharp
  6. 22x Anthony D’Alessio
  7. 44 Gary Wiggins

Boneman gets at top five! Probably only six cars finished but that is still great! Made enough money to pay for his gas to get home!

Dave, if you must know, [SIZE=“1”]only 5 finished[/SIZE].

Ok, here is the truth; Southern Sprintcar brings good fields, and even in our final event of the year, I think 10 finished. Funny thing about sprints; they look more expensive than they actually are. I took hone $550 for 5’th, but if I ran more races, I would get another $100 bonus from the series. The pay more than covered my tire bill. Is there another local class that can say that for a regular race? Oh yeah, and our methanol is much cheaper than race gas.

Hats off to 4-17 Speedway! I love that track, and am pleased to report they had an excellent crowd. I think they had more fans that some of those damn NFL teams. The autograph session went fast, although a couple of the 50 lappers dragged on a bit. We will be back in January, 2018!

When I left the track the red 22 won. Did he get DQ’d

A racer text me that the DQ was for rear track width.