Wheelman Series

Is there any information on rule changes, schedule, and what tracks we will be racing at?

Seems like the sooner rules are put in place for every track & series, the sooner folks could start putting cars together, resulting in higher car count.

Mod Rules

Showtime and Citrus have posted their 2018 rules. I did not look for sportsman but I did see the Mod rules.

Because I am lazy, are the mod rules the same between the two tracks, Doug?



Showtime…steel non adjustable, non rebuildable, No straight cut gear tranny’s

Citrus…Cheating tranny’s ok and any shock with $100 claim rule. Its kind of funny when you read the Citrus rules that there is a sentence that reads…Showtime reserves the right for something or another.

I am sure there is more but that is the two big ones. It looks like they tried to align and then …IDK.