Desoto Speedway Banquet

For those that did not know.
Travis Barfield and his fiance put together a banquet this Saturday at his shop behind their house.
The trophies and food were paid for by Travis. Some sponsors kicked in dome excellent door prizes and give aways.
They were only able to recognize the top 3 in all of the regular classes,since the track did nothing for the drivers at all and there was no point fund money to be had.It was actually a very good time had by all.

A very big thanks to:
Crown welding&fabrication
Take aim gun range
Racecar Engineering
Sunoco fuels
Pit stop sanitation
And all the others that were there to help

The Racing Family is a close one!!!

[SIZE=“5”]The Racing Family is a close one!!! Travis stepping up and putting it together shows how close we are off the Track. Thanks to all involved. Great pictures on line. Hopefully the Fastest 3/8’s Short Track in the South get’s it’s rebirth. Keeping our fingers crossed!!! Merry Christmas and have a Happy NEW YEAR!!![/SIZE]:ernaehrung004::natur008:

That’s really good of Travis to do that. He was always a real understanding racer to work with and this shows he has a good heart. Hopefully, he can be part of the tracks resurgence in the future.

I don’t know these good folks, but what an awesome thing for them to do. People like them make this a better world to live in.