What was your racing highlight in 2017?

So what was your best moment in racing this year? Did anything really stand out, or did you attend an especially memorable event? I can tell you that this was a very bad year for me on the racing front. I only ran 5 nights, my sons didn’t race karts, we didn’t take any racing road trips either.

It was a great year for me in other ways: I remarried, we moved back into my remodeled house, etc… But in racing, my only highlight came at Showtime on September 20.

This was a test and tune night, and I turned over the wheel of my sprinter to my 15 year old son Steven. He is a good kart driver, but this was his first time in anything faster than a minicup or a Bandolero. Steven made me so proud; he put about 50 laps on the car, and got faster and faster every lap. Best of all, he drove it back to the trailer and loved it!

So what about you? Who is next?

Getting in a car that I never drove before(ms#12) at a track I never drove at(417 speedway) and winning the my heat and the feature.Then following up the next race in another car I never drove before(wife’s new ms#44)getting p2 in the feature.
Not a bad month at all. Good times.

Congrats Rex

That has to be emotional in many ways.

Emotional? I can say that I did get a chuckle out of something. I drove the push truck, and had the honor of pushing him off the first time he started it.


Emotional…happy, scared , proud

Now be honest here.Did you still chuckle after he ran better lap times than you did in it? If he did you could always say you worked on it until he could lol.

Two highlights for me…

Being asked to drive for someone else for the final 3 races of the season at Stafford Motor Speedway, a track I had minimal experience at, and contending for top 5s and a win

And then there was the opportunity to hop behind the wheel of an ACT Tour Late Model for the first time at my home track, and running lap times within a tenth of the leaders with 100 lap tires on the car and much looser than I am really comfortable with…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you crazy southerners from the over-opinionated nawtherner!

Racing 14 hours at Road Atlanta last February. I know, wine and cheese racing, but had a lot of great battles with some of the 100+ cars on track.