Citrus County Speedway - 2/3/18 - Thank You !!!

After two nights at BRP and the All Star Sprints which were both fantastic shows, decided to head over to Citrus for some good old asphalt southern style racing. Best decision I have made in a long time as all the races were exciting and competitive. 23 Super lates had one heck of a 50 lap race with many cautions and some some truly great racing. Nick Neri in the 17n came from 8th spot for the victory, Wayne Anderson #84 finished 2nd and Jesse Dutilly (sp) #30 third in a real wild race. Will let Mr. Berti fill in the details. Pure Stock (18 cars) saw James Peters #5 win in another exciting race, Street Stock 8 cars, had #32 Dillon Sivils (sp) taking the win, Mini Stocks (16 cars) feature winner was #11 Buzz Armspaugh (sp). Sorry for any misspelling of names but doing the best I can. One of the best shows I have seen at Citrus in quite awhile. Large crowd on hand as well on a cool breezy night but the action on the track was Hot !! Hot !! Hot !!! Great time - Good Show - Thanks CCS - will see you again in 2018…See ya at the Races !!!

and Joe Winchell

didn’t go home a member of the Jesse Dutilly fan club last night nor did Wayne Anderson go home a fan of the race officiating.

One other note

The blue and white #5 of Eric Willis was both fast and a beautifully prepared car.He led several laps early on before getting jostled around going down the front straight in a battle at the front and damaged his suspension and finally dropped out.The #32 of Eric Sharone was another beautiful looking car who’s night got cut short taking a wild ride over somebody’s front corner and slamming the wall in front of me at the exit of four.The #42 of Hise was another good looking car that did finish and Keith Zavrel in that good looking gold #47 had his best run to date in that car.

Great looking field of supers. Good to see Anderson #84 battle back from the rear after his track incidence. Started back again in 17th (maybe 16th) and with the aid of some cautions and some really great driving came back for a second place finish. Also Dutiley #30 from the rear after his incident working his way back to 3rd. How about the heat races and features for the other divisions. Last lap passes for the win and plenty of good solid racing. Love it when they go three abreast on the Citrus Bullring. Still awaiting Mr. Berti’s write up. Hope he posts it here on Karnac for the fans to read. I hear facebook more and more from his announcers booth. Anyhow one of the best nights racing I have seen in quite awhile. First time I have seen the #17n of Neri and WOW can he wheel a car !!! Another beautiful looking car. Hope this keeps up at Citrus. Time will tell. Once again so happy I made the decision to attend Citrus last Saturday. See ya at the Races !!!