Bronson 50 Saturday

Thirteen tour mods just qualified.They said Ryan Preece was here but didn’t survive pre race hot laps.They also just announced 14 Pro Trucks in attendance along with 11 Florida Mods and 12 Sportsman.

Matt Hirschman wins the tour mods.Craig Lutz second.

the 25 lap Sportsman feature goes to the #37 of Kenner Brown.

Rodney Haddock wins 50 lap Pro Truck.Chad Chastain second Cody Obrenovich from Texas third.Good race Haddock wins on a pass with four to go.

John Campione of Orange City in the black #5 wins the E-Mod feature.Eleven cars started.

they had 23 trucks start last night at 4-17

Ryan definitely had a less than enjoyable day at Bronson…

They even tried to get the car back together for the race, but unfortunately had way too much damage and loaded up…

The only video that there is of the crash, is a sight to behold. Hit’s like that have killed some of the greats over the years. We are all thankful that Ryan was okay. Had he not had all the proper safety gear that is required at all tracks here in the northeast such as a HANS a and Full Containment Seat, the outcome could have been much worse. Seeing hits like this should really open eyes on safety. Yes I am preaching a bit with this so get over it. If you think you’re invincible, think again. All it takes is one hit.

Wow, that was a big hit, went out of the ball park. Glad he is ok.

They mentioned what happened to Preece before qualifying started.I got there after it had been cleared away.The good thing was he was alright and the cars are built for safety nowadays.Twenty five years back or so the outcome may not have been so good.The biggest crowd I have ever seen there was in attendance and the pits were fuller than they have probably been in a very long while there.

I assume throttle hung?

Stuck Throttle

Ryan said afterwards that the throttle stuck. If he had a Throttle Safety Switch from the engine would have shut off as soon as he lifted off the gas pedal.
How do I know this? I have them on my Super and OWM .My throttle stuck twice.
The first time at Ocala without the device and I also made two black tire marks into the wall.
The second time at Citrus when I HAD it and the engine shut off going into turn one. ( return spring brkt. broke).
It saved me from possibly getting hurt and a lot of money.
Look it up. Every race car should one! (it was under $250 W/shipping)

I am normally against launch pads, er, I mean “Jersey Barriers”, lining the turns at stock car tracks.

However, in this case, I believe Preece spun trying to scrub off a (very) little speed, and headed into the wall helmet-side first.

The launch barrier may actually have kept him & his head from a very rapid stop.

That there is what’s called “irony”.