So, whaddaya think of the Bubba/Denny/Adderall flap?

Of course, there are three parts to the deal:

  1. What happened on the track between Bubba & Denny at the end of the race.

  2. Denny bringing up Adderall regarding the rest of the field (but not him, presumably) prior to the race.

  3. Bubba said “[Denny] might need to take some adderall for that one [crashing Bubba after the race]”.

My $0.02–

>Prior to the flag was close racing and Bubba did nothing wrong.

>Denny ran Bubba into the wall after the event because he wanted to, not because of a bad tire.

>Bubba’s comment was fair game due to Denny’s earlier comment.

>Have thought for years that Denny has a serious number of screws backed out–Daytona once again confirms it.

Going to have to disagree with you, pal. Bubba slammed him coming to the checker, almost knocking him below the yellow line. That would have PO’d me, too. Denny’s Adderall comment was on one of those funny shows, where nothing is taken seriously. A far as what Bubba said afterward, I have no issue with that, put your big boy pants on, Denny. I think the whole climate of NASCRA over-promoting these “young guns” has many of the veterans on edge, and somewhat rightly so. By the way, I have not had a favorite driver since The King and then Awesome Bill retired. :smiley:

I think the only reason Wallace looked decent all day was because he won the “special plate award” in tech…you know it happens to a new lucky face once in a while. NASCAR wants to promote him you know…
I predict he will be crashing a lot this year and not doing so good…

“Bubba slammed him coming to the checker, almost knocking him below the yellow line. That would have PO’d me, too.”--Jacko

Let’s divvy that up:

>He almost knocked him below the line. But didn’t. Coming to the checker.
Certainly fair game at Daytona–for second place on the last lap. Not clean, but to be expected.

>Re: PO’d. Also fair game and also to be expected. But it doesn’t mean you had a flat, it means you hit him “back” and drove him into the wall.

I do believe you would own it, Joe.

ps–Although Reechard was on my list back in the day, am not a Petty fanatic. And I really don’t know that much about Bubba or his driving style.

But I do know about Denny’s.

hold em down

what you learn on short track racing is hold them down and they can’t come off. Denny has and will do the same thing. as far as Dillon I would put IOU # 3 on my bumper and I would erase it on the same .