Citrus County Modifieds - March 3, 2018 - Wow or Not Wow !!!

Another packed house witnessed what I thought was a fantastic show seeing #42 Richie Smith come from 19th (18 cars started) position to win the 50 lap Modified contest with a pass on lap 35 on then leader #98 Robbie Cooper.#21 Devin McLeod also a great run from 8th to 2nd. Plenty of passing in this 50 lapper. Now this morning on reading unofficial results from a reporting service I see where #98 Robbie Cooper was listed as the winner with Smith relegated to 8th, McLeod to 11th. Wayne Anderson #84 changed from 5th to 2nd, Ricky Coffin in the 17c to third, LJ Grimm up to fourth, and the #22 James Ellis to 5th. Plenty of cars, plenty of action a truly great race but what I saw was not what I saw according to the reporting service. Maybe Devin or someone can add to the storyline of this super event. Outlaw Street Stocks saw #32 Dillon Sivils in a very popular win. #33 Jesse Henley 2nd and #07 Jeff Prescott 3rd in a very good race. Mini Stock went to a very happy #22 Melvin Fockler, #85 Thomas Peet, with #0 Ray Catterton 3rd. Legends saw #5a Seth Adams taking the win with #13 Taylor Hosford 2nd and #25 Michael Anderson 3rd. As mentioned if someone could clarify the modified race for the fans it would be appreciated. Chicken strips and fries tonight, the best pretzel at any track and some tasty nachos !!! See ya at the Races …Thanks Citrus !!!

Recheck results. I believe 98 Cooper was dq for ride height.
Was a great race. Heard on scanner that 84 Anderson lost brakes about half way.

Just checked Race Monitor again at 9:18 Sunday evening and they are still showing Cooper as the winner. #42 Smith had set fast time at 13:689 but was dq’d for left side violation of some type. He was sent to the rear of the field for the dq and this is why he started last. Also a 12 car inversion for start. Wish the Citrus would post finishes on Karnac, but guess that will be a long awaited gift, if it should ever happen. The mod field was perhaps one of the strongest I have ever witnessed at one time, as in my travels I have seen no less then 12 of these drivers either win a modified event or a feature in another division. Great race coming out of four on the final lap as Anderson slipped high and Cooper at that point running 4th went by on the inside for his original 3rd place finish. As mentioned a very good feature with some terrific looking mods. If anyone hears different please advise the racing community. Thanks…see ya at the races !!!

As per Robbie Coopers FB page(can’t copy and paste on this forum) he was dq’d for too low on left front.


Cooper was the only DQ after the race, and I think it was for ride heights…which, although I disagree with checking ride heights after the race due to circumstances out of our control on the track, is pretty typical at Citrus.

It was a good night of racing. I kept getting caught up in the slow lanes on restarts, which slowed up my trek to the front. Had that not happened, I think there would’ve either been a different outcome or at least a damn good show in pursuit of one! :ernaehrung004:

racindev24 + ocala76

Thanks guys, my bad. When I read the unofficial results from Race Monitor I thought I was reading the unofficial results of the race and come to find out it was the 10 Lap report reported as part of the feature results. Why post this after a race is finished is beyond me but that’s the way they did it. Still an outstanding show and am glad for all the front runners to have finished where they did. Congrats Dev on an outstanding run to the front. What happened to your legend car as it did not make it out for the feature ? Nice to see the Las Vegas ,Nevada visitor, Michael Anderson #25 take home 3rd. Once again sorry for any confusion and I will try to understand the monitor reports better. Still wish the track would post finishes. Thought that was one reason why they went to facebook, but nothing there either. Maybe they will work this out in the future as Citrus is becoming one of the best tracks in the state. Now they should also check there fan rainout policy…many grumblings in the stands about this change. Thought maybe it was a sign left over from the Legends show ??? Oh well, time will tell…and please if anyone from the track would care to share the rainout policy it would be appreciated …

A big thank you to all the racers who turned out for the Renegade Racing Fuels Open Wheel Modified show at Citrus County Speedway. Excellent field of cars and some great racing. The racing at Citrus just keeps getting better.

Finally - YES a WOW !!! Great article in Paper !!!

Okay fans I finally found the results posted in a fantastic article by Kimberly Kelly in the Citrus County Chronicle. Stumbled across article and results by mistake but glad I did. As previous mentioned - #42 Richie Smith winner in a fantastic run, 2- Devin McLeod - 3 Wayne Anderson #84 - 4th James Ellis #22 - 5 - Joshua Todd #0 (article says Ellis was 5th). 6 - Gator Hise - 7 Herb Neuman, Jr - 8th #25 LJ Grimm - 9 - Ricky Coffin 10 - Mike Bell…Hey Citrus, not all your fans come from the Citrus area, many drive a distance to see your great track and races. Date of article was either 3/5/18 or 3/8/18 for those who would like to read the finish. Also nice report on all divisions. Possibly the track could let folks know about the Chronicle and their great effort. Maybe more online accounts for the paper. I for one did not even know they existed…see ya at the races…