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zero 4 ,where are you tonight. good luck, be safe

Sitting at home batting 0 for 2.Planned on going to Auburndale and they cancelled early.So off I went to Citrus County only to be passed by race cars leaving the track two miles before I got there.So here I is.


shoulda came to Showtime

I had a cool weekend in Michigan. Kalamazoo on Friday night and Galesburg on Saturday. Fun tracks! I’d love to try them out with a car.

So I’m sitting at the gas station

[QUOTE=openwm53;176732]shoulda came to Showtime[/QUOTE] And I’m looking at the radar and checking out the forecast for the evening.It said a passing shower in Inverness around 6:30-7pm.Meanwhile it showed showers at 8pm and 9 pm for the Clearwater area.So dummy me listens to the professional liars (otherwise known as meteoroligists) and headed what ended up being the wrong direction.Oh well Showtime in a couple weeks for the Sunday race.

You would think

Being from Ohio I would have made it to one of those two by now but Kalamazoo is still on my list of places that I want to go sometime.

Kalamazoo was neat as sh*t. It is nearly round, and has at least 3 passing lanes. The fast guys go up the outside, but can also change lanes and do it on the low side. Some very entertaining racing there.

Galesburg is a flat oval in farm country. On opening night, the stands were packed. Not with grumpy old men like us, but with families and kids. Kids everywhere; I felt like I was in a middle school.

Their 4 cylinder class had so many damn cars that they had to run A, B and C features. Short track racing is alive and well in Michigan!

Doug, how has the car count and action been at Showtime?

I love that place, but, y’know, there have to be cars on the track…

old school

from what I’ve been hearing on Facebook and video’s that have been posted I can say this much; the street stocks and mini stocks are still showing in significant numbers,its the travelling classes that aren’t.The video I have seen from Saturday showed 7 Superlates( Gorham won) and from other video’s I have seen and the word from people I have asked is about an equal number of mods and pro trucks.Now if I need to be corrected in this assessment someone feel free if I’m wrong.

Boney, just goes to show that when the racing season is May to October, fans and racers alike get and stay excited about racing. Racers have time to build and work on cars and fans have 5-6 months of anticipation.
Racing 35-40 or more weekends a year is very tough to do even if you have financial means to do it.
I have wondered before if less would be more for Florida short track racing. What if tracks ran big events once a month?? or partnered with a sister track to run the same classes once a month each on a every other week rotation.
I know tracks need to be open to hopefully make money but if the place and pits were full, would they make the same amount of money in one event as they do running 4 events a month?

Just wondering …


There is a 30 percent chance of rain here on Saturday as of today’s ( Wednesday’s) weather forecast and a 50 percent chance of a bird peeing on somebody’s head between now and then so for your sake I hope you extended your visit up north for an extra week since the majority of the tracks here in Florida are probably already in cancellation mode by now.


[QUOTE=OldSchool+;176737]Doug, how has the car count and action been at Showtime?

I love that place, but, y’know, there have to be cars on the track…[/QUOTE]

Car counts have not been great and less than good in the mods. he decided to run the same show week after week with some back and forth with the LM’s and sprints.

Typical show;

mod minis…good car count
pro trucks…average about 8 to 10
street stocks…great car count
outlaw figure 8…average 6 to 8
super mini late models…good car count
modifieds…the most we have had is ten. average 5 to 8
late models or sprints…LM’s 8 to 10…sprints usually good

very aggressive schedule