A surprise at Indy

I made my first visit to the Indy 500 last weekend. I’ve been a fan forever and am glad to have finally seen it in person, but it will take a while to go back. Next year, I will be at a party in the AC.

Daytona has a huge lead over Indy in one important aspect: fan traffic. I guess I am spoiled by Daytona with their park and rides, and close-by parking lots serviced by efficient and free tram service.

Who knows why, but the Indy police close off several major streets in the vicinity of the track. Closed off! No busses, no trams, just people walking. Why aren’t those streets used for motorized transport? It was 95+ degrees at Indy this year, and I know we walked more than 2 miles each way.

I don’t care if the city has been managing the event for 100 years. It looks like they have learned nothing, and have mis-managed it the whole time.

The speedway was no better. We had a one mile walk from the entrance gate to our seats. Yes, I used the wrong gate, but as we trudged along with other fans, we watched a steady stream of 10 passenger golf carts whizz by us. They were all empty, and could have been used to get paying fans over the horizon and to their seats.

Yes, I love the race, but was really shocked at how poorly this important part of the event was conducted. I will remember this before I ever criticize Daytona; they do fan access much better.