Fenton 104 at Showtime today

heat races are starting.The stands are like …uh …ultra empty.

Fourteen cars answer the bell to qualify.

Michael Atwell fast time,Gorham second Dutilly third,Goddard fourth,Allman fifth.

lap 31 caution

as Dutilly drops through the field and comes to a stop.Boyd,Glover Dutilly all go pitside.

lap 36 caution

as goddard spins off two.Atwell leads Dutilly returns several laps down.

lap 43 caution

for Becca Monopoli looping in turn four.Atwell in front,Tim Moore and Allman trailing.Boyd and Glover returned also not on the lead lap.

lap 46 caution

Jett Noland spins in turn four.Atwell,Gorham,Moore,Fontaine and Allman current top 5.

lap 54 red flag

as Glover goes backwards hard into the turn one wall.Jett Noland involved as well and slides to a stop towards the turn two pit gate.Both drivers emerge unhurt.Current top 5 as cleanup continues is Atwell,Fontaine,Gorham,Moore,Dylan Bigley.

lap 57 caution

Colin Allman spins in turn one

Michael Atwell wins the Jim Fenton 104.Dylan Bigley,Gorham,Fontaine,Moore,Scott Grossenbacher,Goddard,Monopoli,Allman and Noland trail behind.Ten cars finished.Atwell wins 3k today 1k last night with a 1k bonus for winning both.

before my battery overheated (and I did too) I was going to finish by saying Sammy Coghill won the 17 car street stock 40 lap main.The #12 car (sorry don’t remember his name) won the 22 car mod mini…er …super mini latemodel fifty lap final.And a car won a strictly stock race but I think I was brain fried by then.and oh there was some drifting at the very end.and no tirades by Yoho.And no people in the stands (hardly).

Naples kids 1-2 WTG! Thanks for play by play Zero.
Sunday races are a good idea from Nov-April in FL.

In the end Atwell was too strong for anybody.Dylan Bigley used the re-starts to his advantage and got up to the front out of nowhere after being mired back in the bottom of the top ten through the first half of the race and was really the only one not being gapped too far by Atwell at the end.The heat wasn’t totally unbearable since passing clouds kept it away quite a bit and a strong breeze helped.But when it did pop out…it was a meltdown. Given the weather situation lately I’m sure they are just glad to get it in at this point.But the crowd was pretty pathetic and I’m sure there was probably more in the stands the night before.For Yoho’s sake not helpful as that was the cheaper front gate ticket of the two nights.