Ken Schrader's first time experience this Saturday

Ken Schrader the ex NASCAR veteran who has piloted just about everything there is to wheel around a blacktop or dirt oval is gunning for a first time experience this Saturday June 15th.Schrader will visit Flat Rock Michigan’s quarter mile pavement to make his first start ever in a Mini Stock.Schrader will take part in the Vores Travelling Compact Series this weekend.The Vores series has become a pretty big series in the Great Lakes region and it’s last stop was a couple weeks back on Bristol’s highbanks which turned out in excess of 60 entries.Should be a good show.

Ha, that will be cool. Mr. Schrader is a real asset to weekly racing; imagine how full those stands will be if the track publicizes his participation.

I saw him during Indy speedweek where he raced day and night at several tracks, including the Little 500. He is a true racer who just loves to climb in and mash it!

Ken Schrader and Kenny Wallace are the 2 best ambassadors for short track racing.