Well, I finally did it... (Purchased a Car and am Moving Back)

Now you guys get to all deal with me for real down here lol

Seriously, I am pretty stoked to finally make this happen. The right circumstances in life just happened to come along and I decided to finally pull that trigger.

Anyone who doesn’t know, I purchased Patrick Thomas’ #25 that he won the 2019 Wheelman Sportsman Championship with. I will have it re-numbered as the #77 at Speedweeks this weekend with Patrick behind the wheel for these two events.

I will be there and I may hop in to practice it a bit, but I have far too much on my plate financially to be able to run this event so quickly as I am in the process of buying a house so since Patrick had tires already, I asked him to give it one last good ride.

Stop on by the trailer and say hi if you’re around. I’d love to finally meet some of ya’ll!


So many big life-changing events all at once, but it sounds like you are well on your way to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Congratulations all the way around!

We have been having a cool-ish winter just to welcome you.

No offense to your previous Cup style stocker, but I believe you have moved up a class. Any plans regarding which races you are going to run?

What’s he doing after that?


Who is “he”…?

Congrats, Phil! I look forward to meeting you during the World Series.

Is it just a big coincidence

That Phil Jacques “acquired” a new sportsman car and is “moving” to Florida just about the same time some YouTube guys “acquired” Desoto Speedway and “moved” to Florida? Should we really be calling him “Freedom Phil”?:grin:

If you are referring to Patrick, he has some other plans for the rest of the season. You may see him back in a sportsman here and there but he has some other plans that I will not spoil for him.

I mean, I have reached out to ole Cleeter to try and help him get connected with some oval guys down here. We will see what happens.

Thanks Man! Looking forward to it!

To me, this is a big step up. I had pretty much figured I would be a street stock hack the rest of my life, but I figured you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Might as well give it a shot! No offense taken. I’ll always love my G body cars! May even build another one to run some bomber stuff somewhere too eventually.

As far as what I am doing, time will tell. Main thing right now is close on a house, get settled and then see where the financials are. It may happen quick, it may take a year before I actually race. I am in no rush at all.

Nothing like a closing (or a baby…maybe wait a little bit on that move…) to make everything else look minor.

But as soon as you have a couch, a tv, and a beer, the car will be calling for you.

At any rate, we will look forward to seeing you on the track when you get there.

Who else would I have been asking about