Hoosier tires in short supply as the company cites materials shortages

And now the next shoe is dropping on race promoters as shortened availability has forced some tracks and series to alter or cancel events.Hoosier is stating it is due to materials and labor shortages but that it is only a short term issue while meanwhile also not putting a timeline on when these shortages will be resolved.Meanwhile some traveling series such as the CARS tour are modifying their normal raceday procedures to ensure availability for their scheduled events.Franklin County Speedway in Virginia has decided to cancel this weekend’s racing entirely.My question is we have already had fuel shortages in some areas and now tire shortages not even halfway into the year.Whats next and how many track owners feel compelled to lose more race weekends this year after the disaster that was 2020?

Tire Shortage is now spreading across multiple manufacturers

As was reported in a press release earlier this week from Midvale Speedway in Ohio McCreary brands have stated they also are experiencing the same issues as Hoosier brand and Midvale Speedway is moving ahead this weekend by only issuing one race tire per team.They are also discussing cutting hot lap sessions and non race night practice sessions.This is going to be an issue for the entirety of 2021 it appears and will probably only start to right itself once the Northern racing season winds down in late September -October.With a number of big money races scheduled here in the south late in the year I hope the worst part is over by then but it at least appears it may not be.Summer break here in Florida may help the situation somewhat.Time will tell I guess.That would be a lousy capper to the 2021 season if big races couldn’t be held for a lack of rubber.

Why not let them soak old tires with an “approved” product?

That question was raised in the post directed towards Midvale Speedway.It wasn’t answered.I read the same thing from a Facebook post to a track in Virginia that actually cancelled their own event several weeks back.Apparently track owners would rather have no income at all if they can’t sell tires.That is the only answer I can come up with.Open competition/no tire rule events or treaded tires could be an option but a person associated with Mt.Lawn Speedway in Indiana (who I believe is actually the track promoter but am not basing that on fact) stated they already run treaded tires and made it at least sound like they too were having difficulties securing tires.Somebody suggested dropping heat races but most tracks in the north run heats and helmet dashes with shorter features so you would be effectively cutting the show in half so that would not be good at bringing people back.Practice sessions would be the easiest to cut and even Nascar has proven they aren’t entirely a necessity over the last two seasons.Personally I like the no tire rule idea and if it’s a big hitch in season points make them non points events.I think people would rather see race tracks racing then closed because they can’t get a preferred tire.What will they do when race fuel is the next big issue?? They better start forming a plan for that now because you can just see that coming down the pike later.