If I hit the Karnac Lottery....

Do I even get a shirt? I saw a Facebook post tonight stating the new message board should be up this week.Which makes this one of the last posts.Back in my drinking days the bartender would sometimes offer up a free drink or two if I’d hang out and keep him company while he finished his final clean up before he turned off the lights.Might be kinda tough drinking through an electronic device.Just saying.

Ok, NOW who is last?


Will Rex I would say it’s me !!

Not so fast

I’ve had a long notorious history of dragging #ss last.Or as I like to say just stopping and sniffing the roses…(or at least what they’re growing in.)

Not so fast . Could be me .

Well , maybe its me ?

Well I suppose it could be any of us left around hanging out

But after reading a little while ago that Citrus County just pushed their $10k to win race now until November because of tire shortages, apparently we will all run out of rubber trying to get to last.:waffen093:

Time to switch tire brands temporarily .

If a tire manufacturer has them in stock ,just get them .go back to what you used to use later .let’s race .

Ahhh… safely back in the lead to be last.

Hey Mr.Bones

Until now.lol

And it goes back to me !

Hey… If we get a new forum, will our good friend Matt Albee return? Man I miss him.

Hopefully everyone will return .spread the word .

I agree Timesplitter

Spreading the word is better than spreading viruses.Unless our words are secretly computer viruses.

I don’t know about that P.J.

But if my dearly departed brother (who got me on this board when I came to Florida) makes a reappearance I’m going to wonder who’s ashes I spread.:aktion033:

Still posting , nope not yet .