Tony Carreno, The Man, The Myth, The Legend behind Circle C's Ranch

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Tony Carreno, The Man, The Myth, The Legend behind Circle C’s Ranch


What is circle C’s Ranch you may ask? It is a 40 acre grassy horse stable and training facility in Lutz, FL. And to be honest the legend behind the ranch is not Tony but his wife Cheryl. Your next question is probably ehat does it have to do with Florida short trackracing? Well that is where Tony comes into play. Tony a former great at open wheel modified racing in Florida took part of the ranch and built a dirt track for hid grandson to practice go carts on. Eventually they turned that into an asphalt track and are currently building another dirt track. Who is his Grandson you may ask? Well it is the one and only 12 year old Colton “The Bolt” Bettis.

I know a lot of you have heard me joke about Circle C’s ranch being the boot camp of go karting, but in a way that’s not true and in a way it is. But Circle’s ranch is really where boy’s become men and legends in racing are born. Again I have joked that Tony is the Mr. Miyagi of go karting and in a small way he is.

A lot of you may think that is strange and that is just someone wasting money on their grandchildren, but that is far from the truth. While this track has propelled Colton into a karting champion and now a sprint car driver at 12, it is not all fun and games. Before the karting there are many life lesson’s being taught here. To get to earn karting time there is respect being taught and a lot of hard work. Like on the tractor and move the dirt here and there to earn time to train. He is teaching the kids ” His Grandson and friends to become nice young men and future races with manners and endurance training.


Life lessons that will take them far in like and the racing world. Tony was one of the greats in open wheel racing Florid with lot’s of wins and he put that all a side when his Grandson was born, and had nos now carried this on to his grandson’s friend as well. Many of Florida’s future racers have had a lesson or two at this remote ranch or training ground.

We all know racing takes money but in reality there is a lot more to it than that. Tony is a man with a heart of gold and is teaching these kids the right way and making men out of boy’s and leaving a future in a better place. He does this not for fame or attention but to leave our world a better place and to help develop our future. He is a man with few words and someone I respect and appreciate. Someone I thought you should know a little more about with this story.

A story of what racing is really about.

Thank You Tony for the many contributions to our sport and we wont name them all here.

Video of the kids racing:

Interview after a training session: