Mike Peters - Dick Anderson - Wayne Anderson - Don Nerone

Dick Anderson - Wayne Anderson - Don Nerone all will be guests on Monday night’s INSIDE FLORIDA RACING - SPECIAL EDITION 7-10 PM A preview of the 42nd Annual Governors Cup…other drivers interviewed will be Jeff Choquette, former Cup winner and driver of the Dick Anderson #92 in the Governors Cup this year.

Also Mike Peters will answer all your questions about the Ocala Speedway move back to dirt track racing… The forum will be monitored so get your questions in early if possible!

More guests announced later on Monday.

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Couple of Questions

What will Choquette do in 2008? (Personally I don’t see much more for him to accomplish on pavement in this state.) Would he consider switching back to dirt and hitting the road with the World of Outlaw late models?

Will Wayne run any ARCA races in 2008? Rockingham?

How would Dick fix the current state of super late model racing in Florida? Surely he’s seen much better times than what we’re watching from the stands.

Wayne’s take on Ocala moving to dirt? I know he loved racing at Ocala.

EDIT - I see Lakeland is not on the ARCA 2008 schedule.

I don’t know if Jeff could do a World of Outlaws deal, more because of the travel involved more than any other reason. But, I think he’d do real well with the Southern All Stars, and hit some of the big shows on a hit and miss basis. Some of those Outlaws shows, like Knoxville, and Cedar Lake, Wisconsin are a LONG way from South Florida!

If he decided to go back to dirt, and needs seat time, he can race 22 times before the end of February, without ever going farther than Golden Isles in Brunswick, Ga.

I wish I was rich & retired. I’d hit every one of those shows, plus throw in the Ice Bowl at Talladega Short track for good measure. I believe Dillon Wood will be hitting all those shows, and wouldn’t be surprised if Ivedent Lloyd did also.

Questions for Don:

  1. I know Don hates Crate Motors, but the success of the ASA Series, the GAS Series, the Pro Late Models, and others is undeniable. Is he starting to re-think his opinion, or gonna stick with the Goodyear Challenge rules? You gotta admit that almost 70 cars the last 2 years at the Snowball Derby proves there are a LOT of cars out there that fit that rulebbok.

  2. Are there any efforts underway to bring the Southern Sportsman and the Fascar Sportsman classes under the same rule books? Is the biggest difference the 8" versus the 10" wheels, or does it go much deeper than that?