Oh no Penske did it!

Kurt’s owner points will be transferred to Hornish. I hate it. Nascar approved it. Busch can use champion’s provision if needed.Sam should stay in indycar series which needs him.Look on Nascar.com .they have ongoing vote on provisionals question there. 44% said there should be zero.

Another example of how Nascar is looking more and more like a circus. They are quickly becoming a bad joke. I’m so glad I quit spending my money with them!
Provisionals, in ANY series, just plain suck. If you ain’t fast, you go HOME!
Apparently it’s MUCH more important that Mobil-1 and Penske get a return on their investment, but they don’t give a shirt if the fans get THEIR money’s worth.

P.S. - I completely amazes me that only 44% think they should do away with provisionals… almost 100% of the fans I talk too think it should be put out to pasture.

They would have my vote to remove it. And my vote also not to let Kurt give points to someone else.

You can still vote.

I am a Penske fan in Nascar and Indycar but don’t like that deal.new race fans I recomend you come to St Pete for Indycar if you have never seen them before .It’s still fun even if race doesn’t end up being close.

Dumb me—

Please clue me in, as I have missed the boat on this story.

If you could be so kind as to tell me about the story of this.

Thanks, R.

Kurt Busch and Sam Hornish will both be driving “Sprint Cup” cars for Penske next year. (Along with Newman) Hornish will be a new driver on a new team with no owner points. Penske chose to transfer the owner points from Busch’s team to Hornish’s team so that he will be guaranteed a starting spot in the first 5 races next season. (Busch was top 35 in owner points this year.) Kurt Busch will have a champions provisional to fall back on in case he doesn’t qualify on time. I believe he would be the first champion eligible, since he is the most recent champion that would not have a car in the top 35 in owner points. So, in essence, Penske has insured that all of his cars will at least start in the first 5 races next year, regardless of how they qualify. It’s actually a smart business decision by Penske and I don’t blame him. Personally, I hate it but since Nascar allows it-----,. Micheal Waltrip is basically doing the same thing with Jarrett and Reutimann. Jarrett will be in the car for the first 5 races and will have a champions provisional to use if he can’t qualify on time. Reutimann will take the car over after the 5th race so the points that Jarrett has will be his. (They actually stay with the car.) By at least being in the first 5 races there is a good probability that you will be a top 35 car and thus guaranteed a starting spot in the following races. Not a sure thing though. This is the way the Nascar rules are and the teams are using the rules to get their cars into the races. That’s why Bill Elliott drove the Wood Brother’s Car so much this year. And why Terry Labonte is a “hired gun” and drove for Dave R. at the road courses. I hope I didn’t confuse you more. I certainly would like to see the provisional rules changed. How many times this year did we see fast cars not qualify because they didn’t have enough points? Too many.

Penske Nightmare!

Jimmy Johnson qualifies 48th. Kurk Busch qualifies 50th. Second Qualifier Busch and Johnson take each other out. Johnson takes Pass Champ. Busch take the highway. Too cool!!!

I thought of that originally and had same feelings you do. Too cool!! But, Johnson’s car is top 35 in points so he would get in that way, leaving Busch the champions provisional. Although, it’s possible that Johnson could choose the champ provisional so someone else could get in with top 35 car. Just can’t imagine that happening unless it’s a Hendrick car. But it would be cool. :slight_smile:


Heres my sign!