NEW on the CCMP "OUTLAW Street Stock Team 100's!!!!

Yes!!! The NEWS (this race based on 2007 rule book:huepfen024:)is that we are taking both of the OUTLAW Street Stock non points races and making them TEAM 100’s!!! With a $500.00 BONUS to the highest finishing Team with both events. 1/5/08 and the 1/19/08 races. The second one will be part of the two day “Pepsi 150 Late Model Memorial Race” weekend. We are excited to have the likes of Dave Pletcher, Richie Anderson, Jeff Schfield, Billy Biggley, Scott Walters, Randy Fox, George Richardson, Terry Price, Dan & Cody Bennoit, Robert Crisp, Randy Johnson, Joe Dowdy, James Crawford, Bobby Moble, Mason Love, Richie Shepere, Allen Bragg, Shane Leonard, Cory Scott, Vernon Hart, Graham McCorey, Bobby Fisher, Greg Anderson, Craig Amboien, Ray James, and with the like of Steve Dorer, Dustin Dunn, looking for rides. If you are coming and do not have a Team mate just call or post your name. We are expecting 30 plus Teams.
Yes, the 2007 rules mean the Vortec, Crate Motors, and the Ford 113 wb are ok’ed for the two race Challenge!!!:ernaehrung004:

Hey Bobby,find anyone looking for another driver yet? Josh

Most are looking for tires and split the entry.

other driver heading to team 100

We also have Rocky Reinhold, Mike Laplant, Rick Partridge, Troy Lacey,Bobby Gordon, Bobby Mobley

Owner/Driver Please let us know if your coming so we can add your name to the list of driver comong to this event. Bobby and I are Looking forward to starting 30 cars or more.

Call Gary Laplant 813-313-8741 or CCMP 941-575-7223

Dave Pletcher
Richie Anderson
Jeff Schfield
Billy Biggley
Scott Walters
Randy Fox
George Richardson
Terry Price
Dan & Cody Bennoit
Robert Crisp
Randy Johnson
Joe Dowdy
James Crawford
Bobby Moble
Mason Love
Richie Shepere
Allen Bragg
Shane Leonard
Cory Scott
Vernon Hart
Graham McCorey
Bobby Fisher
Greg Anderson
Craig Amboien
Ray James
Rocky Reinhold
Mike Laplant
Rick Partridge
Troy Lacey
Bobby Gordon
and more to come!!!

Outlaw Street Stocks Team 100 Race 01/05/08 $1200 to win

This is a 100 lap race and at 50 laps you will have to change drivers this is a must. and refuel in the infield of the track.One driver can’t race the full 100 laps No repairs or adjustment will be allowed.

There is a 175.00 entry fee total for the two driver and car.

If we have over 20 cars $1000.00 to win under 20 cars $750.00 the rest of the field will be paid per the payout on my web site

Bring your track streeet stocks rules for 2007 or 2008 you must have the rules with you at entry time and delclare your track your using or you will have to use Outlaw Street Stocks 2008 rules. (I will not have time to get rules from other tracks online on race day so bring them with you)

Street Stocks metric and full frame cars 350 turbo auto trans chevy 350 ford 351 dodge 360 engines. No 383 stroker or 400 No standard trans.

If there is over 25 cars we will pay $1200.00 to win on 01/05/08 and 01/19/08

We are going to have another 100 lap race same rules on 01/19/08 same payout with the same teams. BUT IF THE TEAM THAT WINS ON 01/05/08 WINS ON O1/19/08 THEY WILL WIN AN EXTRA $500.00 to the team.
So drivers you can win $2900.00 total for the two races.

So owners/driver lets get the cars to CCMP on 01/05/08 and 01/19/08

If your needing a second driver call CCMP office they have a list of drivers looking for a ride.