OSW on Saturday afternoons

I had a good time yesterday at Speedworld. Although I know it is not a realistic option, I really prefer the Saturday afternoons over the normal Friday nights. It is so easy to relaxing to get there! Fridays are always a big rush that starts early in the morning.

Ok, so daytime racing is not practical for most of the year. Believe me, I don’t want to boil in the sun either. It doesn’t appear to attract many spectators either (an understatement), but as a driver I thought it was a very easy and relaxing day.

You would think that any racing in the winter time would be better in the afternoon. Both for the driver and the fans seating in those cold, hard stands.

Saturday Nights??

Hey Boneman! How about Saturday nights for the regular season? I had heard that Rusty and the crew were possibly considering it in the future. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to rush to the track or take time off from work whether your a racer or fan? It’s got my vote!!!

I’d like Saturdays.

By the way - new pictures on http://flautoracing.com - from Saturday’s events at OSW

Yes, Fridays are busy and tiring, but I still prefer them to Saturday night only because we have the option of going to a track twice in a weekend. I’m lucky to have a Friday night track in my backyard, and on Saturdays I can head off to whatever track looks interesting that night.