USA Int'l Speedway Speedfest 2008


END OF RACE UNOFFICIAL-Choquette wins it, Lawler 2nd, Sawyer 3rd, Rogers 4th, Busch 5th…

Lap 185 Choquette driving away with 15 to go, in front by 20 car lengths

Lap 177 11 of Rogers to 5th by 05 of Colangelo

Lap 175 16 cars left running… 70, 31, 51, 38, 05

Lap 167 Middleton trapped a lap down running Busch hard, keeping 51 in third and unable to pass for further challenge

Lap 163 Restart has 70, 31, 51, 38, 05… Sawyer on move…

Lap 159 CAUTION Middleton and Finney, Finney moved Middleton in turn 4

Lap 150 70, 31, 51, 05, 11 (2:53)

Lap 141 Restart Choquette to lead at line Busch 3rd but moving with 70

Lap 137 CAUTION for Drawdy

Lap 130 Choquette to 2nd behind Lawler, but 31 by 15 car lengths over 70

RESTART Top-5 same… till (Lap-122) 31, 12, 05, 70, 51…

On track rolling under caution… 12-Drawdy, 31-Lawler, 05-Colangelo, 38-Sawyer, 11-Rogers…

Still picking up peices and cars under RED 2:24PM

BIG ONE Collects: 8, 51, 35, 26, 88, 80, 72, 60n, 6, 07, 28, 1, 39, 11, 18, Choquette ops for left sides during RED, Middleton follows suite

Lap 117 RED FLAG restart has Darwdy, Middleton, Johnson, Choquette, Huffman… BIG ONE IN TURN ONE …MAC JOHNSON on old tires at restart…

Lap 114 under caution Choquette only took rights, will have to live with lefts…

Lap 110 CAUTION for 80 spin turn 4, tires went away for Finney… expect all other cars to pit that haven’t

Lap 103 12 of Drawdy into top-5 by 80 of Finney

Lap 100 Halfway saw 29 cars on track… now, 70, 72, 8, 89, 80

Lap 85 Choquette pulling away, but has yet to pit, brakes are OK, Hantz still second, Finney third, Seig into 4th and Eddie Hoffman makes 1st appearence in top 5 fifth

09 Townley out transmission (lap-72) 14N Blake Lehr in and out of pits several times and under hood (laps 72-75-79)

Lap 66 Pits getting busy 71, 51, 31, 26, 12S, 78, 6, 05, 28s, 35, 60n 2s, 14n… top-5 Choquette, Hantz, Finney, Anderson, Seig for (Lap-71) restart

Lap-64 CAUTION for 1 of Pierce turn 1-2, Choquette took lead for minute and is complaining of HOT Brakes… waiting to see if pass stays

Lap 50 Top-5 still Middleton, Choquette, Busch, Lawler, Cope…

Lap 37 Restart has same top 5 as lap 24 but 6-10 are Hantz, Finney, Drawdy, Clark and Anderson into top-10

Lap 31 Restart catches Perry Brown on pit road…(Lap-32) Rogers spins turn 2 out of top 10 contact with 18 of Robbins sent to rear for infraction

Lap 24 Caution for 67 of Jeff Fultz stopped turn 2…top-5 Middleton, Choquette, Busch, Lawler, Cope…(6-10) Rogers, Robbins, Hantz, Finney, Clark… 70 Gerstner only car lap down… Crockett to pits chassis adjustment…

Middleton to lead in turn 3 (lap 8) Busch to 3rd by Lawler (lap 10) 26 of Travis Cope to 5th (Lap 14)

1:15 First restart will have Choquette, Middleton, Lawler, Busch and Rogers top-5 single file…(laps count under caution till near end) restart on lap 8…

1:10 GREEN Flag… lap 1 goes to Choquette while 38 of Sawyer fines a left rear flat at start…everyone missed him… caution lap 2 as Sawyer stopped on back stretch

1:05 Engines Started… cars warming up… Only 33 of orig 38 will take the green…

Race rescheduled for tomorrow at 1 p.m. Pit gate opens at 10 p.m.

Rain out

Sorry about the rain out but I enjoyed the afternoon. I’m not going to be able to go back tomorrow, got prior obligations. Saw people today I haven’t seen fo years. Was a good day. Jane was nice to meet you. Didn’t get to meet any other Karnacians except Jack an Rick. We found out after we were in the pits that we couldn’t go to the grand stands. Oh well was a good day any way. Here are a few pics from the day. Bob…

Hers a few more. That last one was Kyle Bush in his Toyota Camery. Bob…

Post it before I got the pics on. DUH! Bob

It was very nice meeting you too Bob. Sorry you can’t come back, should be a good race. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and hope to see you again soon.


that #8 - Eddie Hoffman actually went to the back of the Super race for the start because he wrecked the Super he qualified in subsequent practice and was running the Super race with his Crate car.

last place to 3rd and coming out in 5th after his only scheduled pit stop with a car that’s supposed to be a class down was not too shabby.

I was wondering about that. I saw them repair the car during the remainder of the 200. Man, he did well it seemed like the car really would come up out of the corners then fade but he sure but on a charge to the front. I think he may of contested for the win if not for the wreck.