The fanciest restaurant in Bithlo

Orlando Speedworld’s new “Courtyard Cafe” has got to be the finest place in Bithlo to eat. Ok, the selection of cuisine in Bithlo is a bit limited, but OSW did do a nice job on this new food court in the pits.

There is not much competition on that one. What else is there, the mcdonalds, that when i came down there for the first time in 2001, a man with a beard was wearing a dress and lipstick and asked me for my order. I threw up in my mouth a little, counted that as lunch and never went back there.

It is nice to see a track take a proactive step to better their entertainment value. I do give kudos to the entire staff of OSW as it has the friendliest track officials I have ever been to. Especially Rusty (and im not sucking up) but he is probably one of the best promoters i have seen yet.


What a suck up…shameless…just, well, shameless.


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Don’t forget to bring yer teeth!

Tom Clark Enterprises and Budweiser are the ones to thank… It only gets better though… Tom will be adding BBQ (the real stuff), chicken and pizza to the menu soon IN THE PITS!!! Even more stuff will be available on the main grandstand side… Missy Bergman needs to also be thanked for her tireless effort in getting things ready to go including a major clean-up of the concession trailer… Would also like to thank Dominic Marchese for testing all the food…