The "Guy From Boston" rants about Florida racing

Fresh from an appearance on the tonight show with Jay Leno, internet celebrity “The Guy From Boston” goes off on Florida speedway owners in one of his trademark rants!

You know this guy; he is the big dude with the cigar, the salty language and a website that is pulling in a million hits a day. He did lots of TV for the superbowl, and he is featured Feb. 12’th on “Fox and Friends”.

Check out his rant by clicking on this link

Warning! Locker room language!

Yous Guys

I hear what he’s saying but I can’t jump on “his bandwagon”. Maybe if he really new what he was talking about I might listen. By the way…where is “New Samatra” speedway at?LMAO:ohmy:

LOL That guy is funny. I love it.

W O W !!

Does he have a cousin named Vinney from ‘DA MOB’ ??
Elect him for some high office for sure…and then run like hell :sprachlos020:
You been sending him info off dis here boad there Boneman:question:


roflllllllllllllll gotta love da guy from Bowston! Da potty mouth knows what’s happenin! Bring on da vino! Time for a toast!

I don’t understand the language warnings. Was it the New Symatress reference?

Thats Great!!! Hey Bones, how in the hell did you get this guy to do that?

I need him to work on my race team. Maybe I could get a sponsor if he was my spokesman. Badabing-Badaboom!

[Wayne’s World bow down]
we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy
[/Wayne’s World bow down]

we buy our own snacks at the intermission. :grinser010:

Boneman, forget being banned from Karnac, I can already hear Mr hart letting rusty have it about you. Was nice racing with you once.

you’re really letting Rex down. he was expecting to get you all wound up about this. don’t let him down now!

and what’s this about “New Kamasutra Speedway”? that sounds like someplace i need to check out. :grinser010:

Now thats funny-I don’t care who you are!!


i have a great sense of humor and love to have fun. i just dont like humor that hurts people. such as religious jokes or jokes about people who suffer with afflictions or things they cannot do anything about (race etc.). :wink: Rex is a great guy and he would never intentionally hurt anyone. :wink:
you would have to be void of life to not find the Bostonian funny… florida short track racing needs a boost in the arse! the way things are being done isnt working for the good of the sport. BUT!!! i think people are trying to make it better. lets hope so anyways!
i intend to over indulge in racing this weekend! Thursday thru sunday!!! New Smyrna and Daytona! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Let me loose!