Bristol Seats Available


My better half and I cannot make it to the races at Bristol next weekend so we have our season tickets available. (Terrace seats right behind the start - finish line)

I threw them up on Ebay this morning so if you wish, you can view the details here;

If any Karnac members are interested please PM or Email me and I’ll yank them off Ebay as long as it’s not within 12-hours of the ending time (March 11, 0200 hours). On second thought, not sure PM is working around cause I’ve sent two PMs recently (Frasson118 & Carol Wicks) and have not gotten any response. (yes, I know, I’m probably being ignored) :laugh:

ADMIN: Aplogize in advance if I’m in the wrong forum but I spent a few minutes trying the “Classifieds” but it wouldn’t accept my user name / password so being short on time this morning I posted here.

Thanks everyone.

Jim F. [/SIZE]