NO ENTRY FEE 100 lap Open wheel Mods $2000.00 to win this weekend

$2000.00 to win NO ENTRY FEE
$100 to start
This is the list I have so far 7# per cu in big motors just like the whole state.

Ralph Bowman
Wayne Jefferson
Timmy Moore
Bobby Balwin
Tate Pierce
Shaun Mclaughlin
Chris Escott
Brian Rogers
James Glover
Teddy Nelson
Lee Collins
Rick Hall
Wayne Sorg
Mike wilson
Ken Vandermeir

100 lap mod race this weekend Desoto Super Speedway

Sorry about the spelling

Bobby Baldwin
Doug Moff

Mods at DSS

I’ve always liked the Modifieds at DSS too bad i’ve got to be at Sebring this weekend. Good Luck for Jon, The Modified Drivers and the Fans, With todays economic climate lets just all get along be humble. Racers race! Jon promote and allow a fair race to be run! And lastly Fans enjoy the racing!