A TRIBUTE to a REAL short tracker Dan Benoit this weekend at CCMP.

Dan was one of the true Short Tracker (RACERS) I have even seen. This weekend races will be in memory of Dan and his passion for the sport. His service will be Sunday at 2:00 PM at his home. On Saturday Night we will have Dan FEARED #20 Chevy ROAD WARRIOR will be placed behind the CCMP center piece at the “WINNERS Circle”. During the Salute to the FAN’s" for the Super Late Models. The #20 Chevy will be pulled in the “WINNER CIRCLE” (were he ended you more than any other that have ever raced at Charlotte). You will be able to come see up close and see the REAL MANs “Dan Benoit” Short Track’s ride.
We have a full schedule for the nights and it is all going to be dedicated in memory of “The TRUE Short Tracker” Dan Benoit.
Hope to see you there.
Bobby Diehl

PS: We will miss the MAN, but he will NEVER be forgotten!