Ahh...what a Sunday

Did you notice this was a perfect day weather wise? It was sunny and breezy, cool in the morning, and I ended up with a sunburn from being outside all day.

Too bad no track used this as a make-up day for a rain out. Spending a day like this at the races would have been the only way to improve it.

I have been begging tracks to do that for years. Saturday night rain out makeup sunday afternoon. Would significantly help the travelers. Most of us get a hotel for the night anyways. It would make more take the chance if it looks like rain. Right now at 4 a gallon for diesel, my new rule is I dont leave if it is more than a 40% chance of rain at the area of the track the morning that I would leave.

Reason Why

As a racer I agree with you guys. On the other side, it’s no good. Running a race track is a Business. You gotta make money to pay the bills. To say we’ll run on Sunday if we rain out on Fri./Sat. night sounds great, but in reality, it doesn’t work. We all have lives outside of racing. It could be a standing rule that if your track rains out that you run on Sunday. What would happen if your wife had plans to go visit mom on THAT Sunday and you had to race. What would you pick? Let’s be real here…You would most likely go to mom-in-laws house. Point is , is that people live by a schedule. The people who run race tracks know that too and don’t want to lose money.