Pick The Caption

LW Miller picked up his 9th career win at Caraway this past Saturday night in the Whelen Southern Modified 150.
In victory lane we found this picture and decided to let the fans pick out the caption. So what is going on here???
a) Miss Caraway Speedway is star struck
b) Miss Caraway is shy
c) LW Miller is waiting for the customary kiss the winner
d) LW Miller is proposing to Miss Caraway
e) They are talking racing
f) Ms. Caraway just turned him down and he is asking “Are you kidding me”

Now if you look at the second picture down then you may want to change your thinking to the following:
g) They just pronounced them man and wife
h) They are posing for a dentist or toothpaste commercial
i) LW Miller just won the Whelen Southern Modified 150 at Caraway:huepfen024: