Outlaw Street Stocks Twin 50"s 800 to win

The Florida Suncoast Outlaw Street Stocks is having a twin 50 at CCMP on 04/05/08.

Dont be a :smilie_bett: on this race

one entry fee of $125.00 20 cars or more $800.00 to win $125.00 to start the race. Also drivers check out the next top 4 places for payout . Other payout for less then 20 cars is on the web site.

So Drivers and fans check out all the other information on our web site at www.suncoaststreetstocks.com

I look forward to seeing all our great fans and drivers on 04/05/08 at CCMP for this great race. :huepfen024:

Is that payout for each race, or an average of the two races?